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Secrets of Magic (Leeming)

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Secrets of Magic (Leeming)
AuthorJoseph Leeming
PublisherFranklin Watts Inc.
Publication Date1946

Secrets of Magic is the seventh of 10 magic books by Joseph Leeming, authored under the pseudonym Merlin Swift. Very briefly reviewed in A.L. Baldwin's "The Secretary Reports" column of The Linking Ring, August 1946, Vol. 26, No. 6, p. 92, the book includes the following sections: Impromptu Card Tricks Not Requiring Sleight of Hand, Card Tricks Without Sleight of Hand But Requiring Some Degree of Preparation, Card Tricks Requiring a Slight Degree of Skill, Magic with Rings, Impromptu Coin Tricks, Coin Tricks Requiring Preparation or Simple Apparatus, Mathematical Magic, Magic with Handkerchiefs, More Magic with Handkerchiefs, Magic with Cigarettes, Magic with String, Magic with Ropes, Mind Reading Magic, Magic with Dice, Thimble Magic, Dinner Table Magic, and Stunts to Fool Your Friends.

In his "One Wizard's Wanderings" column in The Linking Ring, November 1951, Vol. 31, No. 9, p. 35, Milbourne Christopher reveals that Merlin Swift is Joseph Leeming. "The Real Book of Magic by Joseph Leeming ... is Secrets of Magic by 'Merlin Swift' in a bound version," he writes. "There was much controversy as to 'Merlin Swift's' identity but now the secret is out. Two of my tricks are included without permission or credit, but then he credits nothing."

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