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Secrets of Stage Conjuring

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Secrets of Stage Conjuring
AuthorJean Eugène Robert-Houdin
EditorProfessor Hoffmann
PublisherG. Routledge & Sons
Publication Date1881

The Secrets of Stage Conjuring is an English version of Robert-Houdin's Magie et physique amusante, translated by Professor Hoffmann.

Professor Hoffmann's Preface to the Original Edition

In the volume published by Robert-Houdin under the title of Les Secrets de la Prestidigiration et de la Magie,* the author expressed his intention of issuing at an early date a sequel to that work. Death unhappily prevented his carrying his design into execution; but he left behind him materials sufficient, if not, as he had wished, for an exhaustive treatise on the art of conjuring, at least for the compilation of a new work of a highly interesting character.

It is this posthumous work which is now offered to the public. Not only is it both instructive and amusing, as revealing the curious secrets of the professional wizard, but, further, with the aid of the diagrams with which the text is illustrated, it will enable the hitherto uninitiated to repeat on their own account those experiments which Robert-Houdin modestly described as "tricks," but which are in reality marvellous applications of mechanical and physical science, worthy in many instances of the genius of a Vaucanson.

An English version of the above extremely interesting work, by the present translator, is published by Messrs. George Routledge and Sons, under the title of "The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic."


  • The Theater of Robert-Houdin
  • A Conjuror's Stage Arrangements
  • Handkerchief Tricks
  • The Light and Heavy Chest
  • A Hundred Candles Lighted by a Pistol Shot
  • The Ghost Illusion
  • The Indian Basket Trick
  • Spiritualistic Manifestations
  • The Bust of Socrates
  • A Curious Effect in Acoustics
  • The Decapitated Speaking
  • The Protean Cabinet
  • The Feats of the Davenport Brothers
  • The Enchanted Portfolio
  • The Magic Drum
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