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Servais LeRoy's Magical Monthly

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For Bagshawe's periodical, see Edward Bagshawe's Magical Monthly
Servais LeRoy's Magical Monthly
First issueNovember 1911
Final issueOctober 1913
Total issues12
Servais LeRoy's Magical Monthly was a Magic Periodical edited by Max Sterling of England that ran from November 1911 until October 1913.

In 1910 Servais LeRoy took over the City Magical Company in London with the hopes of retiring from performing. However, he was still in so much demand that he left the shop in the hands of Wilfred Zelka and Max Sterling. LeRoy was one of the backers of Sterling's previously weekly journal The Magical World and for a short time, issued this periodical, Servais LeRoy's Magical Monthly, as the house organ for his manufacturing business.

In addition to listing the latest mysteries, it was known for LeRoy's provocative views on magic.

Sterling followed this magazine up with Magical World, New Series.


  • No. 1, Nov., 1911
  • No. 2, Dec-Jan., 1911-12
  • No. 3, Aug., 1912
  • No. 4, Sept., 1912
  • No. 5, Oct. 1912
  • No. 6, Nov. 1912
  • No. 7, May, 1913
  • No. 8, June, 1913
  • No. 9, July, 1913
  • No. 10, Aug., 1913
  • No. 11, Sept., 1913
  • No. 12, Oct., 1913.


  • Servais LeRoy By Milbourne Christopher in MUM, Volume 43, Number 3, August, 1953