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Shigeru Sugawara

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Shigeru Sugawara

Known forTenyo Employee

Shigeru Sugawara, joined Tenyo in 1967. He was introduced to magic at the age of 12 after seeing a performance by Tenko Hikata.

Effects in print

  • "Night Passage" - pg. 354 - Genii November 1986
  • "The Great Rubber Band Mystery" - pg. 356 - Genii November 1986

Tenyo effects

  • T-253 Miracle Coin Thru
  • T-231 Fortune Donuts
  • T-229 Ultimate Spoon Bend
  • T-226 President's Cabinet
  • T-221 Mystery Triangle
  • T-208 Money Splash
  • T-205 Confined Cubes
  • T-196 Money Cutter
  • T-189 Money Shredder
  • T-171 Merlin's Coffer
  • T-163 Burglar Ball
  • T-159 Twister / Pencilia
  • T-141 Mini-Zag
  • T-135 Space Towers
  • T-132 The Ninja Experiment
  • T-129 Mirage
  • T-128 Paradox
  • T-122 Excalibur
  • T-117 The Alpha Tunnel
  • T-114 Wonder Window
  • T-105 Tunnel Of Darkness
  • T-104 Black Hole
  • T-103 Frame Of Destruction
  • T-102 Lucifer's Lock
  • T-99 Mystery Of High Hat
  • T-93 Card Changer
  • T-92 Pendant
  • T-87 Squeeze Play
  • T-86 Ultra Tube
  • T-85 See Through Guillotine
  • T-84 Card Frame
  • T-81 Space Walking Coins
  • T-77 See Through Card
  • T-76 Water Mystery
  • T-71 Rope To Silk
  • T-69 Dynamic


In 1977, he was awarded the Tenkai Prize.


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