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| pub_date        = 1929
| pub_date        = 1929
| publisher      = Edward Bagshawe & Co.
| publisher      = Edward Bagshawe & Co.
| subject        =
| subject        = Card magic
| image_file      =  
| image_file      =  
| image_size      =  
| image_size      =  

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Six Card Creations
AuthorNed Williams
PublisherEdward Bagshawe & Co.
Publication Date1929
SubjectCard magic


  • A New Master Pack, and 3 effects with it. Cards withdrawn whilst performer is out of room may be immediately located.
  • New Reversing Cards.
  • An Ace and King Deception.
  • A Card Production Stand
  • Williams's "Eureka" Giant Card Change.
  • Williams's novel "Giant Card Monte," wherein the Queen vanishes entirely!
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