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Skeptical Inquirer

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Skeptical Inquirer
EditorsMarcello Truzzi, Kendrick Frazier
PublisherCommittee for Skeptical Inquiry
First issue1976

Skeptical Inquirer, formally The Zetetic, is the magazine published by The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI).

The magazine was originally titled The Zetetic and was founded and originally edited by Marcello Truzzi. The first issue was in the Fall of 1976. and about a year later there was a dispute: Truzzi wanted to include proponents of paranormal ideas in the group and the magazine. Following a no-confidence vote against Truzzi, he resigned, and the magazine was (starting with volume 2, issue 2) retitled Skeptical Inquirer and Kendrick Frazier (former editor of Science News) became the new editor.

Vol 1. No. 1

It retained The Zetetic as a subtitle through volume four. The magazine was initially a bi-annual publication in digest size (15 cm by 23 cm). In about two years it changed to being a quarterly publication; then in 1994 it started being published bimonthly. In 1995 it became a full-sized publication (21 cm by 27 cm). Since January 1996, its subtitle has been: The magazine for science and reason. In 1998 the publication began printing on a glossy paper stock. As of 2010 Frazier is still the editor and Benjamin Radford is the managing editor. The magazine is headquartered in Amherst, New York.

Some of the founding members of CSI include James Randi and Martin Gardner. A list of CSI fellows is published in every issue; these have included the late Jerry Andrus.[1]


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