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Slow Sleights

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Slow Sleights
Slow Sleights MacCarthy.jpg
AuthorE. Brian MacCarthy
PublisherGeorge Johnson
Publication Date1934
SeriesThe Magic Wand
SubjectBilliard Balls

Slow Sleights by E. Brian MacCarthy.

Novel moves with billiard balls, thimbles, cards, coins, etc.


The moves and sleights here submitted have not, as far as I know, appeared before in any book of magic. All the moves, unless otherwise stated, are intended to be performed slowly. In this way only can the maximum of deception be attained. Regarding billiard balls, the writer uses the two inch size, and can guarantee that the moves are all right for the angle of view. As usual, it is as well to practise in front of a mirror.

E . Brian MacCarthy.


  • The Production Drop
  • The Best Change-over Palm
  • An Easy Transfer Palm
  • Twist-over Acquitment
  • Vanish from a Full Hand
  • A Colour Change in the Fist
  • The Fadeaway Vanish
  • The Enlarged Ball
  • The Drop Vanish
  • A Ball passes continuously from Hand to Hand
  • Colour Change on Palm
  • Improvement on Standard Acquitment
  • Four Billiard Balls to a Cannon Ball
  • A “Steal” Thimble Vanish
  • The “In and Out” Thumb Vanish
  • Vanish of Two Thimbles
  • Special Coin Tourniquet
  • The “Snatch” Fan Production
  • The Production of Handkerchiefs
  • Routine with Silks

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