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The origin of mediumship is usually linked to the Fox sisters at Hydesville, New York in 1848, but believers date the unofficial beginning of Modern American Spiritualism to the Shakers and similar religious groups. By 1853 the movement had reached San Francisco and London, and by 1860 was worldwide. The Fox family remained very active in Spiritualism for many years. Other notable Spiritualists were Mercy Cadwallader, who became a sort of missionary for the movement, and Emma Hardinge Britten, who wrote many books on mediumship and its place in American popular and religious culture.


Books list a references by Corinda in Step Nine, Mediumistic Stunts, in his Thirteen Steps to Mentalism were:

  • Mediumship for Magicians by Corinda (Book metionned in 13 Steps to mentalism BUT quoted by MentalistCreationLab, April 8, 2010, The Magic Café : "Although there are rumors of copies that were released, I believe these copies to be a Hoax.)

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