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Stanyon's Magic

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Stanyon's Magic
PublisherEllis Stanyon
First issueOctober 1900
Final issueJune 1920
Total issues177

Stanyon's Magic was a Magic Periodical published by Ellis Stanyon of England.

In the first issue of Magic, he set out his intention which was to "popularize the Art of Sleight of Hand". It was first published in October 1900 and ran for 177 issues with a break during the 1914-1918 war and the final issue was published in June 1920. (Volume 1- Volume 15)

When Ellis Stanyon suspended publication in 1914, the last issue was numbered Vol. 14 #11. When he resumed publication after the end of the war, he dated the first issue "Sept. 1914 - Sept. 1919" and called it Vol. 14 #12. The next issue, Oct. 1919 was called Vol. 15 #1 and it ran regularly until Vol. 15 #9 (June 1920).

Many collectors had Vol. 14 bound prior to 1919, and as a result omitted #12. Consequently, many collectors may be missing that issue and not even realize it.

It was reprinted by Kaufman and Company in three slip-cased volumes with a new index prepared by Stephen Hobbs.

Stanyon's Magic
AuthorEllis Stanyon
PublisherKaufman and Company
Publication Date1996