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Steve Michael Schieszer

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Steve Michael Schieszer
BornFebruary 9, 1968

Stephen Michael Schieszer (b. 1968) is a magician and magic inventor.


At the age of two, Schieszer moved to Arizona and has lived here his entire life. He has had many influences in magic and illusion growing up visiting the local magic shops in the Phoenix area. Both Charlie's House of Fun and Bert Easley's Fun Shop were business that sold magic effects. His first "regular" close-up performances were at Tom Tate's Country Buffet, on Sunday afternoons. At the same time, he appeared on the Wallace and Ladmo Show (KPHO TV 5-Phoenix) in four guest spots.

In 1989 he developed an original color changing liquid effect known as Chameleon Kool-Aid. In 1990 the owner of Sun Magic introduced him to Chuck Kirchner from Magic City. Both Magic CIty (California) and Hank Lee's Magic distributed the original effect.

In 1990 Schieszer showed Bill Deihl, the new owner of Sun Magic, his original card effect known as Joker "Con-Fusion." The effect was inspired by a Michael Ammar lecture and an audio cassette from Michael titled Making Magic Memorable. The effect came first, then the method. The concept involved the spectator's card "fusing" with a signed joker. Doc Eason is credited for a similar effect marketed as "Anniversary Waltz." In recent discussions with Doc, there seems to be confusion as to who has the correct provenance for the effect. Schieszer is confident in his personal provenance for his original effect, which has been shared with Doc Eason. It is curious that a World's Greatest Magic DVD print ad uses the introduction from Schieszer's original instructions, written in 1989/1990. The effect remains the intellectual property of Stephen M. Schieszer.

With his wife Cathy and his son, he continues to present magic/illusion for School Assembly Shows, with S.N.A.P. (Say "No" Assembly Presentations.) The "Message Shows" use magic and illusion as the vehicle to carry the Anti-Drug message. They also present Gospel Illustrations and magic/illusion for Arizona churches.

They are local and national members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and Society of American Magicians (Herb Easley (Bert Easley's son) signed their membership application). They are also members of The Magic Castle in Hollywood in which Andre Kole signed their membership application.

Schieszer continues to invent and market his inventions, which can be found on eBay.


  • Chameleon Kool-Aid (1989) Triple color changing liquid effect. Reviewed in Genii Magazine. Presented in the Hydroforce/Water Conservation Programs for Arizona schools.
  • Joker "Con-Fusion" (1990) A spectator's card appears to fuse with a signed joker. (Specialty cards printed by Haine's House of Cards.)
  • Mylar Production Coils w/Battery Operated Re-Winder (1991) Developed gold coils for Jay Scott Berry. The battery operated winder continues to be an improvement of Klamm's "Multi-Miracle Winder."
  • Quarter in Salt Shaker/Cellar (1996) A quarter appears to penetrate a solid salt cellar, twice.
  • Santa's Silver (1997) A real life version of the Polar Express Bell. (Not a marketed item.)
  • Ten Cards, Two Across (1998) Two different mental selections trade places in the spectator's hands. (Not a marketed item.) A combination of Cards Across with two spectators thought of cards.
  • Name a Card...One From Fifty-Two (1999) A one deck version of the classic. Steve performed this in a show for the S.A.M. in Tucson, Arizona. In that show was Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Dr. Juris (Robert Blumle), and George Sands.
  • The Tenth (2000) A close-up coin effect that is a Gospel Illustration on tithing.
  • The Tenth (2001) A stage bill effect that is also a Gospel Illustration on tithing.
  • My Favorite Card...Trick (2007/2008) A collaboration with Fantasio and Jim Steinmeyer. The magician's favorite card is located in the deck, at the spectator's freely selected number. A custom effect, in limited release.
  • Not Another Trip to the Video Store (2009) Five DVD's are matched with 5 DVD cases held by spectators. An original adaptation of a classic. Larry Becker shared a kind word or two on this one. (Limited release.)
  • DVD Dissertation (2010) Inspired by Billy McComb's classic, The McCombical Prediction. DVD movies are used in the place of playing cards. (Not released yet. Steve made a custom version to show Larry Becker.)
  • Unity Ropes (2010) Three individual, separate rope circles become one large rope circle. The circumference of the rope circle increases to three times the original size.