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Volume 1, #2 Masters of Magic series
AuthorGary Ouellet
Publication Date1979

Supershells was a shell game routine by Gary Ouellet released in 1979 as Volume 1, #2 in the Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic series. The routine is framed by a presentation in which the spectators share in the magic, rather than being victims of it (i.e., "suckers"). Sleights taught include The Pinky Pinch, The Sidesteal Sequence and The Pinky Acquitment, and the routine features Ouellet's now-classic "challenge ending," wherein a spectator places a shell over the pea, then covers the shell with an overturned flower-pot saucer, and finally covers the saucer with an inverted glass bowl. Another empty shell is then covered with an overturned (clear) glass, and even though two spectators pin both the bowl and glass down with their forefingers, the pea still transposes from one shell to the other.

Supershells has been reprinted twice since its initial release, and variations by other magicians have been published, including Marc DeSouza's "Shell-Act," from DeSouza's DeCeptions (Acer, 2001).

Ouellet also performed Supershells on his 1981 Videonics video, The Close-Up Illusions of Gary Ouellet, which was re-released in 2003 as part of L & L Publishing's DVD trilogy, The Very Best of Gary Ouellet.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Supershells
  • Properties
  • The Steal
  • The Load
  • The Placement
  • The Routine
    • Hand Quicker Than Eye
    • The Sting
    • One Armed Charlie
    • Challenge Transposition
  • Pinky Pinch
  • Pinky Acquitment
  • Sidesteal Sequence
  • Presentation
  • Final Words