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EditorsSam Dalal
First issueJanuary 1972
Final issueDecember 1974
Total issues36

Swami: A Monthly Magazine of Exotic Mysteries was a monthly Magic Periodical from Sam Dalal in Calcutta, India.

It ran for a total of 36 issues, from January of 1972 until December of 1974.

Each issue was a four-page sheet of tricks, with no editorials. Exotic Eastern magic or stunts ran under a column titled "Yoga Maya".

Swami ran, in part, under the patronage of K.C. Batra. When Batra became disassociated with the magazine, Dalal began a new journal of the same nature under a new name, Mantra.


No. 1, January 1972  
  By Special Delivery (Peter Warlock)
  Clipped (Bill Dunbaugh)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  General Introduction
  Glass Eating Introduction
No. 2, February 1972  
  Paddle Paddle (Arun Bonerjee)
  Jim Dandy Rope Routine (Micky Hades)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Glass Eating - Your First Trial
  Off Color Do As I Do! (Milt Kort)
No. 3, March 1972  
  Bingo! (Ken De Courcy)
  Hallucination (Shanta Batra)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Glass Eating Presentation
  Clairvoyant Multiplication (Martin Gardner)
No. 4, April 1972  
  Surprise Surprise (Paul Marcus)
  ORMAGIC (Price Orma)
  Cut and Restored Silk
  Selected Silk Vanish and Production
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Razor Blades for Breakfast
  Moonrock Madness (Tony Shiels)
No. 5, May 1972  
  No Chance (Matt A. Lou)
  One For Sam! (Nick Williams)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Acid Test 1
  Hand Made (Bill Severn)
  Tip Off (Sam Dalal)
No. 6, June 1972  
  Thought O Card (G. P. Appadurai)
  Dr. Jaks� PrediXion! (Martin Gardner)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Acid Test 2
  Great Discoveries (Sam Dalal)
No. 7, July 1972  
  Issue Seven
  Recorded Delivery (Leslie May)
  Dual Transpo (Sam Schwartz)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Cooked Rice
No. 8, August 1972  
  Anyone Can Be Clairvoyant (Tan Hock Chuan)
  The Brainwave Bandwagon (Sam Dalal)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Steaming Tea!
  Magic Amulets
  Final Epic (Alan Shaxon)
No. 9, September 1972  
  Switchery (Sid Lorraine)
  Numerology (Liao Shin Shan)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Ball of Paper Catches Fire
  Lighting a Candle by the Touch of a Wand
  Water to Milk
  Presentation for Pavel�s Traveling Knots (Sam Dalal)
  Magic by Pavel
  Rope Circles
  Silk in the Knot
No. 10, October 1972  
  Adidtbots (Al Mann)
  Hazzle me Puss (Subir Kr. Dhar)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Talking Skull
  Dancing Dolls
  Crawling Spiders
  Diving Duck
  Probably Magic (Sam Dalal)
No. 11, November 1972  
  Your Card My Card (Anton York)
  About Face! (Anton York)
  Select A News (Tan Hock Chuan)
  ESPecially for You! (Sam Dalal)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Magic Wands
  Mike Rogers Presents
  Postal Delivery
  Dial Delivery
  Poor Man�s Card Castle
No. 12, December 1972  
  Push Down (Arthur Setterington)
  The Pharaoh�s Palm (Al Mann)
  Matchbox Magic (Bisad Bandhu Banerjea)
  The Dream (Prince Orma)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Pulse Stopping
No. 13, January 1973  
  End Game (Roy Walton)
  Trans Writing (Subir Kr. Dhar)
  The Pegasus Page (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Sensational Tongue Cutting Mystery 1
No. 14, February 1973  
  Lift to the Future (Tony Chaudhuri)
  Computer Dates (Sam Dalal)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Sensational Tongue Cutting Mystery 2
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
  Affinity (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
No. 15, March 1973  
  Flight through Space (Eddie Joseph)
  Liar's License (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
  Colour Vision ESP (E. W. Bud Morris)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Sensational Tongue Cutting Mystery 3
No. 16, April 1973  
  Foresight (Eddie Joseph)
  Dinner at the Coven (E.B. Surty)
  Swami Picture Series No. 1: The Snake Charmer (A. K. Ganguly)
  When Thoughts Collide (Al Mann)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Indian Basket Trick
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
  More Brainwaves
  Squaring the Circle
No. 17, May 1973  
  The Devils Disciple (Sam Dalal)
  Coincidence or Clairvoyance
  Fifth Seat From Centre Aisle
  No Cost Headline Prediction
  E.S.P. Extraordinary
  The Invisible Stooge
  Old Wine
  The Final Word
No. 18, June 1973  
  A Juvenile Oracle? (Sam Dalal)
  Four Silks to One (Pavel)
  The Spectator Divines (Tan Hook Chuan)
  Homing Cards. (Bisad Bandhu Banerjee)
  Another B&R Note (Nick Williams)
  Presentation for the Afghan Bands (Sam Dalal)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Fire Eating Techniques 1
No. 19, July 1973  
  Paper Fold Prediction (Martin Gardner)
  Yoga Maya (Sara Dalal)
  Fire Eating Techniques 2
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
  Three of a Kind (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
  Crystal Thought Condenser (Sam Dalal)
No. 20, August 1973  
  Editor's Special
  Personally Yours (Peter Warlock)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Fire Eating Techniques 3
  Third Down (Karl Fulves)
  South of the Border (Kirk Stiles)
No. 21, September 1973  
  The Magic of Tan Hock Chuan
  The ESPousal
  Lucky Number
  The Singapore Force
  The Invisible Flap
  E Z C&R Rope
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Fire Eating Techniques 4
No. 22, October 1973  
  The Mystic Circle (Arthur Setterington)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  More Fire Stunts
  Mini Wave (Sam Dalal)
  Psychic Identification (Eddie Joseph)
No. 23, November 1973  
  Beware the Fire Demon (Charles W. Cameron)
  Little River Loading (Kirk Stiles)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  A $2.00 Levitation
No. 24, December 1973  
  International Coin Cocktail (Erhard Liebenow)
  Clippo (The Amazing Randi)
  So it was Written ... (Subir Kr. Dhar)
No. 25, January 1974  
  This Issue: Whatiz from India?
  Esdeem�s Silk Frame (S.D. Mukherjee)
  OTL Illuminated (Arun Bonerjee)
  Who's Who (Shanta Batra)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  The Brahmo Thread Mystery...
  Visible Flight (B.B. Banerjee)
No. 26, February 1974  
  The Daruma (Roy Fromer)
  Beyond the Veil (Charles W. Cameron)
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
  Impromptu Aces (Anon)
No. 27, March 1974  
  Slate Metamorphosis (Al Mann)
  Telegirl (Arthur Setterington)
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Pins and Needles
  One Man-Two Person Dictionary Test (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
  Really Yours (Sam Dalal)
No. 28, April 1974  
  Switch Tray (Sam Dalal)
  Triple Cross (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
  Kwik Kut (Bill Dunbaugh)
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
No. 29, May 1974  
  Direct Do as I Do (Hamid Sayani)
  Magic From Roy Fromer
  Threading Razor Blades
  Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper in the Mouth
  The Miniature Magic Theater
  Yoga Maya (Sam Dalal)
  Needle from Eye to Eye (Courtesy X.C. Batra)
  West�s Own Miracleman? (Sam Dalal)
No. 30, June 1974  
  Knotted (Sam Dalal)
  Needle from Eye to Eye (K.C. Batra)
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
No. 31, July 1974  
  Special Issue
  Indian Cups and Balls Routine (Les Greenhalgh)
No. 32, August 1974  
  Hawkeye (Eddie Joseph)
  Magical Musings (Sara Dalal)
  Yakity Yak Prediction (Donald Wallace)
  Potpourri (Alex McKeown)
  Addonis Book Test (Al Mann)
  Impact 1 (Sam Dalal)
No. 33, September 1974  
  I Ching Oracles (Sam Dalar)
No. 34, October 1974  
  Wild Colour (Arthur J. Emerson Jr.)
  Free Choice ESP (Alex McKeown)
  Magical Musings (Sam Dalal)
  Women Can Tell (Sam Dalal)
No. 35, November 1974  
  Mon-Kiri (Isao Honda/Sam Dalal)
  Two from Tan Hock Chuan
  A Book Test
  Needle in Eye Simplified (S. Alam)
  Matchsticks A-Go-Go (Arunkumar Shah)
  Gellerism & Respectability (Sam Dalal)
No. 36, December 1974  
  Spin It Out (Alex McKeown)
  Telekinetic Printer (D. Craig Daniel)
  Hot Moneyl (Bisadbandhu Banerjea)
  Swami Picture Series-2: The Human Ostrich (A.K. Ganguly)