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(SWITCH, Unfolding the $100 Bill Change)
(SWITCH, Unfolding the $100 Bill Change)
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[[Category:Close Up Magic]]
[[Category:Close Up Magic]]
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The "$100 Bill Switch" was invented by circus performer Vladimir Vladimirov. It has proven to be one of the strongest, and most popular effects in all of close-up magic.

The original effect: A $1 bill is folded up and then unfolded in an extremely fair manner. It is revealed, on unfolding, to have changed into a $100 bill.

The technique used in that trick lends itsself to many other routines, and has inspired much creative thinking since its advent.

SWITCH, Unfolding the $100 Bill Change

SWITCH, Unfolding the $100 Bill Change by John Lovick (copyright 2006 by Murphy's Magic Supplies) is a 346 page book featuring dozens and dozens of handlings, techniques, and variations on that routine, contributed by many of the most respected creators and performers in magic.

The work was a labor of love for Mr. Lovick, who compiled and edited the overwhelming amount of material for years.

That labor certainly paid off, as "SWITCH", widely-hailed from the moment of its appearance, immediately became, and is likely to remain, THE go-to source regarding this classic trick.