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Sydney Piddington

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Sydney Piddington
BornSydney George Piddington
May 14, 1918
Randwick, Sydney, Australia
DiedJanuary 29, 1991 (age 72)
Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Piddington (1918-1991) performed with his wife Lesley (b.1925) as the mentalism team called The Piddingtons.

Sydney Piddington was born in Australia. He began his career in magic in 1935 when, as a teenager, he joined the Independent Magical Performers of Sydney becoming their youngest member. Despite suffering from a severe stutter, he performed various shows for this club.[1]


During World War II he served in an artillery regiment, but was captured and imprisoned for four years. As an escape from the harsh treatment, the prisoners staged theatrical entertainments. An article by Dr. J. B. Rhine on parapsychology in a stray copy of Digest magazine gave Piddington the idea to entertain with a telepathy act with Russell Braddon (who would later write a book).

After the war, Piddington returned to Australia where he met and married a radio-actress named Lesley Pope. They put together a telepathy act based on Sydney's experience, and The Piddingtons became a successful in Sydney and Melbourne on radio and with live stage shows.

In 1949 they went to England, where they became a success on BBC radio programs.

After their final radio show on Friday, June 13, 1952, they quit to return to Australia and raise a family. However, they ultimately separated and divorce in 1954.

Sydney worked various jobs including as a senior sales management positions with various firms including Reader's Digest, until in 1975 with his second wife, Robyn, he was asked to take part in a charity show at the Sydney Opera House. As the new Piddingtons, they once again stunned audiences. They purchased Megalong Manor in Leura just outside of Sydney, converting it into a tourist hotel which became the center of their life except for an occasional ESP show.

After fighting a painful cancer for months, Sydney died in 1991.[2]


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