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Talk:Expert Card Technique

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Ability to create an annotated version

The Jones family, and the various grandchildren of Carl Jones who own the rights to Greater Magic has a huge amount of material from the production of Expert Card Technique.

Bruce Cervon told Richard Kaufman on more, than one occasion, that he had compiled a list with Vernon's help of exactly who should be credited for what in Expert Card Technique. Gary Plant suggest that James Patton may have it now.[1]

For those of you who are members of 'The Magic Cafe' - and have posted at least 50 posts on the site - you can access a very interesting thread about 'Expert Card Technique' by Paul Chosse[2]


Some material in the book was published without the consent of (or credit to) the creators.

In the Kaufman edition Greater Magic there's a letter published from Hugard which states, essentially, "If Leipzig won't give you his material for the book, I can just write it up since I'm familiar with it."

Discuss the possible originators of any of the slights or routines here that may not have been attributed in the book here.