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Talk:Mentalism Artists Starting With B

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Are these pages "XXX starting with X" done manually? yes

Isn't there a way to automatically create these with categories? yes

This is an excellent question, and a sensible alternative.

With "categories", there is a "bottom-up" indexing (requiring categories to be attached to the page) rather than the "top-down" indexing (requiring that the pages be linked to the [pseudo-]categories).

The trick is that the "category-protocol" is not published, and non-trivial to infer from some browsing. Since MagicPedia would prefer as many contributors as possible, the "top-down" indexing makes the protocol more explicit for naive users. Yes, the manual approach is more work initially, but the maintenance of "categories" when naive users are only guessing at the mechanism ends up being as much work in the "steady state." For example, we've had at least two editors introduce content on the "category" page itself in the last two weeks.

Having said that, if the community decides that categories are sufficient and preferred, the manual pages will start to rot soon enough, and I won't be offended. Doug

Works for me. I just wanted to make sure someone was not doing more work then necessary. Jpecore 08:52, 26 October 2007 (EDT)

Here's another example of a "category" that isn't exactly effective (that is not to say that it could not be effective -- just that it would require some editor-education...) Category:Close_Up_Magic Doug