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[[Category:German magicians]]
[[Category:German magicians]]
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[[Category:2008 deaths]]
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Ted Lesley
BornAugust 01, 1937
Dueren, Germany
DiedOctober 28, 2008 (age 71)
CategoriesBooks by Ted Lesley

Ted Lesley (August 1, 1937 - October 28, 2008), born in Dueren in the Rheinland area of Germany, was a German magical entertainer and mentalist using the stage name of Friedrich Karl Helzel.


Lesley became interested in magic when a school teacher performed a few magic tricks for him. Lesley first became an accountant and later a tax consultant in Berlin. The film director, Ottokar Runze, whom Lesley helped with an audit, offered him a role in his film, "The Lord of Barmbeck." Immediately after the film work, Ted gave up his tax profession. In 1974, Ted Lesley got his first professional engagement at the "Messeshow" in Hanover.

From March 23 until April 4, 1994 he presented a full evening show with the title "Ted Lesley's Magic Club" to the audiences in Berlin.

In November, 1995, the ZDF (a German television network) filmed a Ted Lesley special which was broadcast on February 20, 1996 as part of the series "37 Grad," in its evening program.

Lesley passed away on October 24, 2008 (complications arising from Parkinson's Disease).[1][2][3]

Honors and Awards

  • "Mentalist of the Year" with the "Dunninger Award" (1992)
  • "Writer of the Year" from "Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland e. V." (Magic Circle of Germany) for his book "Mental Mind-Ups." (1993)
  • "Leslie P. Guest Award" from the Society of American Magicians (1997)
  • Guest of honor at Docc Hilford's "Weerd Weekend." (1998)
  • "Siver Medal of Honor" of the Zauberfreunde Berlin e.V. (1998)
  • Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle from the Magic Circle of London. (1999)
  • Creative Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts (April 20, 2001)


Marketed Tricks

  • The Working Performer's Marked Deck (1983)
  • The Working Performer's Hydrostatic Glass (1987)
  • Credit-Card Card Trick (1985)
  • Delsey Miracle (1988)
  • Automatic Pegasus Page (1988)
  • Teleport Envelope


  1. Ted Lesley Appreciation Society