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| class8    = nickname
| class8    = nickname
| data8      = {{{other_names|}}}
| data8      = {{{other_names|}}}
| label14    = Flourished
| label9    = Nationality
| data14    = {{{flourished|}}}
| data9      = {{{nationality|}}}
| label10    = spouse
| data10      = {{{spouse|}}}
| label14    = children
| data14    = {{{children|}}}
| label16    = Notable works
| label16    = Notable works
| data16    = {{{notable works|}}}
| data16    = {{{notable works|}}}

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This template may be used to summarize information about a particular person to an article.


The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.

Blank template with all parameters

{{Infobox person
| image                     = 
| image_size                = 
| alt                       = 
| caption                   = 
| birth_name                = 
| birth_day                 =   
| birth_year                =   
| birth_place               = 
| death_day                 =  
| death_year                =  
| death_place               = 
| resting_place             = 
| resting_place_coordinates =  
| nationality               = 
| known_for                 = 
| notable works             = 
| flourished                = 
| awards                    = 
| website                   = 
| misc                      = 


Do not use all these parameters for any one person. The list is long to cover a wide range of people. Only use those parameters that convey essential or notable information about the subject. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed. If a data field has more than one parameter name which can be used, the preferred name is listed first in bold print.

Parameter Explanation
name Common name of person (defaults to article name if left blank; provide birth_name (below) if different from name).
image Image name: abc.jpg, xpz.png, 123.gif, etc.
Size to display image: 200px (set width), or 200x300px (max width & max height). This defaults to 225px if empty or omitted.
alt Alt text for image, for visually impaired readers.
caption Caption for image, if needed. Try to include date of photo and the photographer.
birth_name Name at birth, if different from name.
birth_day Day of birth:
birth_year Year of birth:
birth_place Place of birth: city, administrative region, sovereign state.
death_day Day of death:
death_year Year of death:
death_place Place of death: city, administrative region, sovereign state.
resting_place Place of burial, ash-scattering, etc.
resting_place_coordinates Coordinates for place of burial, ash-scattering etc.
nationality Nationality. May be used instead of citizenship (below) or vice versa in cases where any confusion could result. Should only be used with citizenship when they somehow differ.
known_for A brief description of why the person is notable.
awards Notable awards
website Official website only. Unofficial websites should be placed under ==External links== in the body of the article.
footnotes Notes about any of the infobox data.
box_width The infobox width, such as: box_width=220px (default: 22em). Space character between the number and the unit of measurement breaks the parameter.


{{Infobox person
|  name = A. M. Wilson
| birth_name = Albert M. Wilson
| image       = AMWilson.jpg
| birth_day   =  June 23,
| birth_year  =   1854
| death_day   =  April 22,
| death_year  =  1930
| known_for   = Editor of [[Sphinx]]