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The Coin Connection

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The Coin Connection
AuthorGary Ouellet
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1986

Reviewed in Genii 1988 March

The Coin Connection is a three-phase (or three-act) coin routine created by New York magician Eric DeCamps. The Camirand Academy of Magic released it in 1986 as the seventh and final installment in their Masters of Magic series (Volume 2, #1). The routine requires a table, but can be performed standing (i.e., there's no lapping). It employs both a coin gimmick and sleight-of-hand. Here's the effect, as described by Gary Ouellet:


The magician (hands obviously empty) takes out a small change purse and dumps out three half dollars. The purse is closed and put aside.

ACT I: The Homing Coins

One by one, a coin is taken in the hand, squeezed and vanished, whereupon it reappears in the change purse.

ACT II: Travel Agents

The purse is put away. Three coins and two empty hands are in clear view. One hand covers the coins and the other hand is held [palm] down several inches away. One coin leaves the group and travels to under the other hand. This is repeated until all three coins have traveled.

ACT III: Foreign Exchange

One coin after another is placed into the hand, squeezed and changes into a British penny (copper). The (now) three copper coins are dropped into the purse, the purse is shaken and opened, and the coppers have transformed back into silvers. At the end, the hands are clean.

Table of Contents

  • Publisher's Introduction by Guy Camirand
  • A Word from Eric DeCamps
  • The Coin Connection
    • Effect
    • Props Department
    • Set-Up
  • A Word on Vanishes
    • Retention of vision vanish
    • The "Gone" sell
  • ACT I: The Homing Coins
    • Benzais Friction Palm
    • Purse Steal and Shuttle Pass
    • Scoop Pickup
    • Edge Grip Pickup
  • ACT II: Travel Agents
    • The Stack Steal
    • The Pretend Pickup
    • The Shell Sneak
    • The Blow-Away Vanish
    • The Retention Pickup
  • ACT III: Foreign Exchange
    • The Levered Production
    • The Side Entry Vanish
    • The Silver/Copper Transformation
    • The Clean-Up
  • Supplement: An Alternative to Act II
  • Patter Suggestion
  • The Last Word
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