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The Complete Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities

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The Complete Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities
AuthorEdwin Dawes
PublisherPeter Scarlett Magic
Publication Date2005

The Complete Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities is an electronic compilation, improvements and expanded versions of Edwin Dawes' column "A Rich Cabinet of Curiosities" originally published in the Magic Circular from 1972 until 2005.

An Ebook compilation was published in 2005 by Peter Scarlett Magic.


The first 200 entries:

1 A Dream Of Wealth (Chung Ling Soo)

2 Conjuring For Churchill

3 The Great Mirror Of Folly

4 Albertus Magnus

5 Shine On Harvest Moon: The Story Of Jack Norworth & Nora Bayes

6 The Great Gun Trick (John Henry Anderson)

7 More Houdiniana

8 Leslie Lambert – The Enigma

9 J.N. Maskelyne And 'A Message From Mars'

10 Jacob Philadelphia

11 The Philadelphia and Lichtenberg affair

12 Lichtenberg And Nevil Maskelyne

13 The Cardini Playing Cards

14 Winstanley's Wonders

15 Winstanley's Playing Cards And 'Waterworks'

16 Winstanley's Curious Barrel

17 "I've Got Him On My List" (WS. Gilbert)

18 John Henry Anderson And The Pale Green Bonnet

19 The Electric & Great Cyclogeotic Retro reminiscent Clairvoyant Telegraph Company

20 Laughing Gas - First Whiff

21 Laughing Gas - Second Whiff

22 Laughing Gas - Yankee Whiff

23 Miss Louise Anderson

24 Decent Exposure - Houdini Style!

25 Wonders, Wonders, Wonders - Katterfelto, Graham & Denton

26 Mr. Joseph Jacobs, The Wizard Of All Wizards, And Mr. I.K. Brunel, The Wizard of All Engineers

27 Kia Khan Khruse and The Bullet Catch

28 Mr. Love, The Ventriloquist and Polyphonist

29 Mons. D'Auvigney

30 Mr. WS. Woodin - Single-Handed Entertainer

31 Carl Hertz And Stroubeika

32 Leslie Lambert Again

33 The Mystery(?) of "She"

34 "Spirit Mediums Exposed" – By The White Mahatma (Samri Baldwin)

35 The Butterfly Coterie (Samri Baldwin)

36 The White Mahatma Exposed (Samri Baldwin)

37 The End Of Mahatma Land (Samri Baldwin)

38 Who Was Li Sing Foo?

39 Sax Rohmer, Fu-Manchu And Houdini

40 The Engravings Of William Hogarth

41 The Conjuring Aeronauts: Etienne-Gaspard Robertson

42 The Conjuring Aeronauts: The Mystery Of Garnerin

43 The Conjuring Aeronauts: From Pinetti To Tissandier

44 The Conjuring Aeronauts: The Spencers

45 The Indian Jugglers

46 The Indian Jugglers And Their Tricks

47 Michael Hartz And Le Chapeau Du Diable

48 Read All About It - The Magical Newspaper

49 Hercat, The Author

50 The Miniatures

51 The Camel Exposures - Magicians Take The Hump!

52 Diarists And Others

53 Edmund Wilson - Man Of Letters And Legerdemain

54 The Rabbit On The Wall

55 The Literature Of Hand Shadows

56 The Shadowgraphists

57 Flights Of Magic And The Road To En-Dor (Group Captain Cedric W. Hill)

58 Arabian Nights Enchantment, The Oriental Fantasy Of Emerson And Jayne

59 The Family De Vere

60 Philip Astley, Equestrian And Conjurer

61 Light And Shadows On Philip Astley

62 Isaac Fawkes - Fame And Fable

63 The Great Disaster At Sunderland

64 The Sunderland Disaster (continued)

65 Fame Is The Spurr (Mel B. Spurr)

66 Charles Lang Neil And The Modern Conjurer

67 Mademoiselle Patrice - Lang Neil's Vanishing Lady

68 Charles Bertram, The Holy Land Exhibition And The Neils

69 Dr. Francis G. Benedict, Physiologist And Magician

70 Enriching The Cabinet (Sunderland Disaster And Mel B. Spurr)

71 Thomas Britton – The Book Collector who was Frightened to Death by a Ventriloquist

72 Thewlis - Handcuff King, Graphologist And Geriatrician

73 Edward l. Blanchard's Ten Terrible Minutes

74 Edward Blanchard And William S. Woodin - Start Of A Fertile Friendship

75 Blanchard, Woodin's Olio Of Oddities And The Polygraphic Hall

76 Woodin's Cabinet Of Curiosities

77 Conjuring In The Diaries Of E.L. Blanchard: 1850-59

78 The Diaries Of E.l. Blanchard: 1860-1889

79 Edward Blanchard And The Spirit Rappers

80 When Amac Was An Undesirable Citizen In A 'Find The Gentleman' Routine

81 The Mysterious Fate Of Brunel's Half-Sovereign

82 Ingleby And The Christina Collins Murder Case

83 Leotard Bosco, Conjurer And Entrepreneur

84 Piracy, Plagiarism And Mr. Joseph Bland

85 Claude Chandler And The "Memphis" Magical Course

86 Vonetta – Mistress Of Mystery Part One

87 Vonetta – Mistress Of Mystery Part Two

88 "Houdini Upside Down" – A Unique Performance

89 The Destruction Of The Wizard Of The North's City Theatre In Glasgow

90 Henry Novra – A Nineteenth Century Magic Dealer Among The Spirits

91 Cavaliere Antonio Poletti – The Italian Conjurer From Vicenza

92 G.W.S. Piesse And His Chymical Magic

93 A Basonful Of Chung Ling Soo (Fred Bason)

94 Going, Going, Gone! – The Effects Of Professor Jacobs

95 Robert Hellis And His Magical Athenaeum

96 Mr. Charles And The Tale Of A Hat

97 Buatiers Triumphal First Appearance In Britain. I. London: The Egyptian Hall, 1875

98 Buatier's Triumphal First Appearance In Britain. II. London And The Provinces, 1875-76

99 Martin Chapender – The Phenomenal Prestidigitateur

100 Martin Chapender – A Bright Star Extinguished And The Magic Circle Born

101 Max Malini And The Charles Morton Testimonial Fund Matinee

102 The Strange Case Of The Human Serpent And The Spanish Moor - Diaz, Zaid And Majarah

103 Buatier's Season in Dublin in 1877

104 Magloire The Prestigiator

105 The Demise Of Buatier De Kolta

106 The Magic Kettle Craze Of 1904

107 Magic Kettles Galore!

108 Dr. Maxim Boyd Hart - "Magic Kettle Man" And Forger

109 Whiteley's Varieties – Magic In Manchester

110 Harry Whiteley And His Friends In Magic

111 Harry Whiteley And His Magicians' Circulating Loan Library

112 Magloire The Prestigiator Revisited – Enter Miette

113 Stanley Collins - On His Majesty's Service

114 F. R. Burnette And The Gloucester Churchyard Monster

115 F. R. Burnette And The Mystic Twelve In Glasgow

116 Mademoiselle Victoria, Queen Of Magicians

117 The Lady In Question – Vernone, Verone Or Veroni – What's In A Name?

118 "The Ladder" Of Buatier De Kolta

119 Mr. William Henry "Perseverance" Cremer And Easter Eggs

120 Conjuring Tricks And Toys – The Famous Firm Of WH. Cremer Junior

121 The Mysterious Henri De Manche

122 Zovelloscopes, Films And Fanning Powder

123 "Bobby", The Only Handcuff King Dog In The World

124 "Zutka?" – The 20th Century Puzzle

125 Strike a Light! It's Matchic

126 Stanley Collins: The Bicyclist

127 Hugall Benedict – The Thanet Wizard And Bourne Magician

128 The Magical Christmas Card

129 The Other Young - A Puzzle Solved

130 Dr. Holmes, I Presume? Hugh Mackay Of Edinburgh And The Council of Nine

131 The Wizard Of The North And George Washington Wilson – Photographer to The Queen

132 Mary Toft, The Rabbit Breeder Of Godalming, And The Origin Of The Rabbit In The Hat Trick: A Critical Assessment. Part One

133 Mary Toft, The Rabbit Breeder Of Godalming, And The Origin Of The Rabbit In The Hat Trick: A Critical Assessment. Part Two

134 The Great Deville, Wizard Of The Army

135 Frantisektichy - Czechoslovakia's Magical Artist

136 Will Goldston And The Origins Of The Magicians' Club

137 Will Goldston And The Early Years Of The Magicians' Club

138 The Magicians' Club: Post World War I And In The 1920s

139 The Final Decade Of The Magicians' Club

140 The Magicians' Club Founder, Will Goldston – The Man Himself

141 Raymond Phillips and his Wireless-Controlled Airship and Orchestral Instruments

142 The Magic Master Of The Mystery Novel: John Dickson Carr

143 John Dickson Carr: Putting Magic Into Mystery

144 John Dickson Carr: History, Time-Travel And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

145 No Business Like Show Business: The Mark Raffles Story Part One

146 The Formative Years And Emergence Of Ray St. Clair: The Mark Raffles Story Part Two

147 Pickpocketing, Progeny And Poodles: The Mark Raffles Story Part Three

148 Le Chevalier Bosco Versus 'The Monster Conjuror' – An Unequal Contest

149 Conjuring For Christmas

150 Albert Chevalier, Magic And The Magic Circle

151 Magic in Motion on God's Wonderful Railway

152 Wait Until the Sun Shines, Gustavus: Some Light on Katterfelto in 'Auld Reekie'

153 Psycho At Drury Lane

154 Garnerin, The Showman Parachutist, Revisited

155 The Pleasure Is Payne Part One: White Wizard To Hypnotist

156 The Pleasure Is Payne Part Two: Mine Host Returns To Hypnotism

157 Sir Julien Cahn - The Cricketing, Conjuring Philanthropist

158 Sir Julien Cahn's Theatre At Stanford Hall

159 Crocket And Conjuring Around The World With Sir Julien Cahn

160 The Final Act: The Auction Of Sir Julien Cahn's Magical Equipment And Cricket Library

161 Professor John Henry Anderson, Impresario: The Emperor's Magicians from China

162 Re-Opening The Cabinet Again: A) John Dickson Carr And Philip Larkin; B) A Magician In Motion On The G.W.R Identified; C) Richard Payne: Bob Batey Reminisces

163 The Whole Art Of Leger-De-Main Or Hocus Pocus In Perfection – A New Discovery

164 The Wench Is Dead – Ingleby & The Christina Collins Murder Case Revisited

165 Robert-Houdin And The Sette Of Odd Volumes

166 The Mighty Midget: Wilf Huggins' Magical Legacy

167 My Goodness – My Magical Guinness!

168 The Magical Impersonators

169 More Conjuring For Christmas

170 The Mysterious Frank J. Goldsoll – Son in Law of Charles de Vere

171 Sweet Saturday Books

172 More Sweet Saturday Books

173 The Saturday Book Finale

174 Charles Oswald Williams – The Cardiff Conjurer

175 Charles Oswald Williams And His Contributions to Magic

176 Charles Oswald Williams: Business and Family

177 J.N. Maskelyne & The London General Omnibus Co: The Tribulations of an Inventor

178 J.N. Maskelyne & The London General Omnibus Co: The Times Enters The Fray

179 Annie Abbott – The Georgia Magnet: A Powerful London Attraction

180 Annie Abbott – The Georgia Magnet: The Controversy Rages

181 Annie Abbott – Explanations And An Unaccepted Challenge

182 Annie Abbott – "Demagnetization" And Return Visits To Britain

183 J.N. Maskelyne's Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Speculation

184 J.N. Maskelyne, Sir Edward Clarke And A Tangled Web of Libel

185 More Of Charles Oswald Williams: His Business And Family

186 More About J.N. Maskelyne's Grandstand Venture Of 1897

187 William J. "Big Bill" Hilliar: His Early Years In Britain

188 William J. Hilliar Makes His Debut In The United States Of America

189 William J. Hilliar: His Founding of The Sphinx And Role in The Founding of The Society of American Magicians

190 William J. Hilliar And The Novel Concept Of A Published Magicians' Scrapbook

191 William J. Hilliar: "Ostagazuzulum", Barnum And Bailey and The Billboard

192 William J. Hilliar And Carnival Days in The 1920s

193 William J. Hilliar: The Final Years

194 Frank J. Goldsoll Revisited – Charles de Vere's Con-Man Son-In-Law

195 Dr. Louis P. Hamburger And His Mysterious Finger-Tip Levitation

196 The Italian Court Conjurer Hieronymus Scotto: New Light on His Portrait in Wax

197 Alexander Adrion: Germany's Unique Philosopher-Magician

198 Magical Moments: A Ghost of The Magicians' Club, London

199 Stanley Collins in Slow Motion for Pathe Pictorial

200 The Forgotten World of Sid Macaire

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