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The Magic Art

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The Magic Art
The Magic Art Holmes.jpg
AuthorDonald Holmes
PublisherDonald Holmes
Publication Date1920

The Magic Art is described in the preface as the first volume in a series by Holmes. For unknown reasons, no other volumes were published.

It was reviewed in Paul Fleming Book Reviews Volume 1.


In presenting Volume I of The Magic Art Series to the conjuring fraternity, I make no apologies for the inclusion of certain known tricks and devices. The book is not intended so much for the collector of magical literature as for that great host of aspiring amateurs, who, seeking after enlightenment in the world of conjuring, must turn to its literature for practical instruction. With this constantly growing demand in view, I have selected those tricks which best suit my purpose for practical instruction, be they old or new, and which I feel certain will please the average entertainer in this field. Some of the items are inserted by request such as material used in previous hand-books of mine, and in most cases I have given later and better versions of such tricks. This also applies to several items from Roterberg's "New Era Card Tricks," "The Modern Wizard," and "Latter Day Tricks," all three volumes of which are now out of print, and to which I hold the copyright.

The entire purpose of the present book, in a nutshell, is to give clear, practical instruction in conjuring in a manner that will enable the amateur to advance in, and be a credit to, his art. Previous efforts of mine in the arrangement of complete magic acts have met with such hearty approval, that I feel certain the present work will prove of some value to the student seeking such assistance.

Subsequent volumes in The Magic Art Series will be uniformly bound with the present one, and their general makeup, as to style, thickness, etc., will be the same, insuring, in the due course of time, a complete library on the Art of Magic.

Donald Holmes.

Kansas City, Mo.,

October 15, 1920.


  • The Tea Chests of Wang Foo
  • Preface
  • The History and Psychology of Natural Magic
    • Holmes' Tumbler Manipulation
    • The Watch, Handkerchief and Confetti
    • The Egg and Handkerchief
    • The Flying Glass, Watch and Flag
    • How Many Goldfish?
    • Holmes' Tumbler Manipulation on a Chair
    • A Novel Exchange
    • Holmes' Trick Glass Outfit
    • The Bottomless Mirror Glass
    • The Bottomless Demon Glass
    • The Bottomless Confetti Glass
    • The Mystic Handkerchief and Tumbler of Confetti
    • Holmes' Crystal Jar Outfit
    • The Crystal Mirror Jar
    • The Crystal Confetti Jar
    • Confetti to Water and Goldfish
    • A Chinese Paradox
    • A Series of Card Tricks
    • The Torn Card Trick
    • The Barrington Method
    • The Card in the Loaf
    • The Card, Orange and Candle
    • A Hypnotic Experiment
    • The Cards, Coins and Glass
    • Knarf's Coin and Ball of Wool
    • The Coin and Orange Trick
    • A Dye Tube "Wrinkle"
    • Knarf's "The Flag Between"
    • The Handkerchief Sword
    • Improved Candle and Handkerchief Trick
    • Holmes' Color Changing Egg
    • Christopher's Egg and Bag Trick
    • The Paper Balls and Plates
    • The Chinese Marble Trick
    • The New Spirit Handkerchief
    • Gloves to Dove
    • The Dove and Hat Trick
    • The Contrary Fluids
    • The David Bell Funnel
    • The Watch and Pill Boxes
    • The Mysterious Dove Pans
    • The Tale of a Rat
    • The Tea Chests of Wang Foo
    • Fun, Deviltry and Magic
    • A Suit-Case Act
    • "The Magical Man"
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