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* [ The Midget Magician By F. William Kuethe, Jr.]
* [ The Midget Magician By F. William Kuethe, Jr.]
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The Midget Magician was a Magic Periodical published by Wilf Huggins that was only 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches and could be carried in a vest pocket.
First Issue

The magazine was published quarterly with the first issue dated January, 1951. There were 12 issues to a volume, and the magazine came out fairly reg­ularly through the first three volumes. The last issue and 38th was "March to September, 1960". A regular annual feature of the Midget was the supplements that were part of the file, typically photographs and indexes.

Only fifty copies of each number issued was published and Wilf Huggins jealously guarded the rights of the subscribers.