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The Odin Rings

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The Odin Rings is a translation by Victor Farelli of Les Anneaux Chinois by Claudius Odin & Eugène Grandet.

The Odin Rings
AuthorClaudius Odin
PublisherE. Bagshawe & Co.
IllustratorSid Lorraine
Publication Date1931

Reviewed in Genii 1982 March

The Odin Rings

The Last Word on the Chinese Linking Rings

An entirely new method of presentation

Invented by


Lauriate of the Concours organized by the "Chambre Syndicale de la Prestidigitation" at the Théâtre Robert-Houdin


Translated and Edited by


(Pupil of David Devant)

With Three Appendices

(by the Translator)


Copiously illustrated by Sid Lorraine


  • Foreword by the Publisher of the Present Edition
  • Translator's Preface
  • Inventor's Preface
  • Note by the Publisher of the French Edition
  • Note Regarding Illustrations
  • Technical Terms

Chapter I.

  • Outline Description of the Effect

Chapter II. The "Odin Count"

  • The Rings
  • Holding the Rings
  • Order of the Rings
  • Counting the Rings
  • The "Odin Change"
  • Placing the Rings on the Table
  • Counting the Second Set of Four Rings
  • Picking up the Rings

Chapter III. Linking

  • The First Passe.

(False Linking of three rings)

  • The Second Passe.

("Count" and false linking of two rings)

  • The Third Passe.

(Forming a false chain of two)

  • The Fourth Passe.

(Forming a false chain of three)

  • The Fifth Passe.

(Forming the Long Chain)

CHAPTER IV. Unlinking

  • The First Passe.

(False unlinking of the first ring)

  • The Second Passe.

(Unlinking the chain of three)

  • The Third Passe.

(Unlinking the second single ring)

  • The Fourth Passe.

(Exchanging the key)

  • The Fifth Passe.

(False unlinking of a single ring)

  • The Sixth Passe.

(Reconstruction of a false chain of two)

  • The Seventh Passe.

(Exchange of genuine chain of two)

  • The Eighth Passe.

(Unlinking the false chain of two)

  • The Ninth Passe.

(Reconstruction of a false chain of three)

  • The Tenth Passe.

(Exchange of genuine chain of three)

  • The Eleventh Passe.

(Unlinking single ring from false chain of three)

  • The Twelfth Passe.

(Exchange of key for single ring)

  • The Thirteenth Passe.

(False unlinking of the last two rings)

  • The Fourteenth Passe.

(The final count)

Appendix I. "Tips" and Ideas

  • Size of Rings Used
  • Position of Table
  • The Odin System of Linking and Unlinking
  • Folding the Chain of Two
  • Keeping the Rings in Motion
  • Sliding the Rings on the Arm
  • Covering the Key
  • Note on "Forming the Long Chain"
  • Note on Insertion of First Finger
  • Note on "The False Unlinking of a Single Ring from a supposed Chain of Three"
  • Note on "Reconstruction of a False Chain of Three"
  • Note on "Exchange of the Key for a Single Ring"
  • Note on "Unlinking the Last Two Rings"
  • Note on the "Final Count"
  • The Standard "Wrist Count"
  • Another "Wrist Count"
  • Ropes and Rings
  • The "Farelli Count"
  • An Original Clip
  • Method of Using the Clip
  • Adding the Key
  • "Switching" a Single Ring for a Key
  • An Original "Sucker Gag"
  • "The Jockey" or "See-Saw" Standard Method
  • Original "Jockey" or "See-Saw"
  • Notes on a New Principle
  • Truth and Patter

APPENDIX II. A Chung Ling Soo Method.

  • Rings handed Singly for Examination


  • The "Fitzkee Count"
  • The Laurant "Crash"
  • The Hilliard Penetration
  • Hilliard's "Jumping Ring"
  • The Hilliard "Knot" or "Tug of War "
  • The Melting Rings
  • Adding a Twelve-inch Key from the Body
  • "Welling" a Key
  • The latest "Subtlety"
  • Linking Rings without a Key
  • The Ideal Routine


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