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The Pass (book)

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The Pass
AuthorGary Ouellet
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1994
Preceded byClose-Up Illusions
The Pass is a book, part instructional, part historical, on one of card magic's most challenging sleights - cutting the deck invisibly, a.k.a. the Pass. This book was a self-proclaimed labour of love for Ouellet, a reflection of his longtime fascination with the sleight. The book contains a variety of methods for accomplishing the move, and a handful of tricks that use it, described in a conversational tone that displays a sense of humor about the subject. For example, Ouellet opens the book with contradicting quotes from two legendary sources:

"The pass is the very backbone of conjuring." Professor Hoffmann

"The pass is not absolutely essential to card conjuring and any trick can be performed without using it." Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue

Table of Contents

Section One: Cards that pass in the night

  • Chapter 1: Quest
  • Chapter 2: Notions

Section Two: The Classics

  • Chapter 3: Beginnings
  • Chapter 4: Tangents
  • Chapter 5: Breaks
  • Chapter 6: Secrets
  • Chapter 7: Shinola
  • Chapter 8: Jig

Section Three: The Turnovers

Section Four: Passing Lane

  • Chapter 10: Stuff
    • Liwag's Dribble Double (Homer Liwag)
    • Mirage Change
    • Top Cover Passes
    • Juxtapass
  • Chapter 11: Paradigms
    • The Paradigm Shift
  • Chapter 12: Fractions
  • Chapter 13: Post-Erdnase
  • Chapter 14: Amusements

Post Mortem

  • Chapter 15: Autopsy
  • Marlo on the Pass - A Reference
  • Colophon

Explanations include

  • Page 059 : JIG: Gary's version of the half-jiggle pass.
  • Page 121 : SHIFTY: Chris Kenner's reworking of the S.W.E. Shift.
  • Page 075 : THE MALONE SHIFT: Bill Malone's version.
  • Page 079 : THE SPREAD PASS: Gary's approach to Paul Le Paul's Pass
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