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Introduction -- T. Nelson Downs
Introduction -- [[T. Nelson Downs]]
Frontispiece -- Dr. E.G. Ervin
Frontispiece -- [[Dr. E.G. Ervin]]

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The Strange Inventions of Dr Ervin
AuthorDariel Fitzkee
PublisherDariel Fitzkee
IllustratorDariel Fitzkee
Publication Date1937

Introduction -- T. Nelson Downs


Frontispiece -- Dr. E.G. Ervin


  • Bill and Cigarette
  • Billet Reading Test
  • Billet Test
  • Blackboard Test
  • Borrowed Cigarette Through Dinner Plate
  • Burned and Restored Handkerchief
  • Cigar Fake
  • Cigarette in Electric Light Bulb
  • Coins from Nowhere
  • Color Changing Silk
  • Comedy Slate Test
  • Cone Load
  • Crush Hat Suggestion
  • Cut and Restored Lemon
  • Cut and Restored Turban
  • Diabolical Die
  • Diminutive Wine and Water
  • Dissolving Cigarette
  • Dollar Bill and Lemon
  • Egg and Lemon
  • Find the Joker
  • Glass Through Table -- Table Acquitment
  • Impromptu Glass Production
  • Inverted Watch Through Fist
  • Lighted Cigarette Through Handkerchief
  • Lighted Cigarette Vanish
  • Little Demon Silk Production
  • Marvello Paper Tearing
  • Watch Box Monte
  • Mighty Lak a Rose
  • Milk Transportation
  • Needle Trick
  • Needle Trick Self Contained
  • One Hand Watch Production
  • Paper Tearing Effect
  • Phantom Tobacco Trick
  • Production of "Any Color" Silk
  • Repeating Bill Vanish
  • Restoring Ribbon
  • Ringing the Ribbon
  • Rising Card From Tumbler
  • Rolling a Cigarette
  • Spooky Yarn
  • Subtle Penetration
  • Suggestions
  • Suggestions on Torn Cigarette Paper Trick
  • Sucker Production
  • Stretching Handkerchief
  • Table Acquitment
  • Table Knife Levitation
  • Table Levitation
  • Telepathic Prediction
  • Telling the Time On A Watch
  • Three-Card Monte
  • Three Times - And Out
  • Torn and Restored Tissue
  • Transformo
  • Untying Silk
  • Vanishing Glass of Water
  • Vanishing Glass of Water (After Okito)
  • Vanishing Glass of Water from Bamboo Pole
  • Want Ad Test

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