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== References ==
[[Category:Card Sleights]]
[[Category:Card Sleights]]

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Tilt or Depth Illusion is a card sleight in which a card is seemingly placed into the middle of the deck while really placing it beneath the top card.

Usually credited to Dai Vernon as the "Depth Illusion", Ed Marlo published and popularized the move in his booklet Tilt! (1962).

There has been much controversy over the history and credit of this move which can be read in:


  • Ambi-Tilt in The Books of Wonder Volume 1
  • One-handed Tilt Get-ready in Card College Volume 4
  • Howard Schwartzman's Tilt Finesse in Arcane
  • Ed Marlo's The 380-Degree Tilt in Marlo without Tears
  • Ken Krenzel's Front Tilt in The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel
  • Bill Kalush's Tilt Finesse in Totally Out Of Control
  • Fr. Cyprian's Untilt in Apocalypse