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Tim Conover

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Tim Conover
BornTimothy Gene Conover
April 1, 1959
DiedFebruary 2, 2011 (age 51)
Virginia Beach, VA

Tim Conover (1959-2011) was a mentalist, magician, and corporate entertainer for over thirty years.


Maurine Christopher wrote in The Illustrated History of Magic (2005 Updated Edition) that "Tim Conover stars in a category of magic that has strong appeal even to intellectuals who don't enjoy watching quicker-than-the-eye card tricks or lovely, scantily clad ladies being sawed in half. He is a mentalist." [1]

He was a member of IBM Ring No. 50 in Washington D. C. beginning around 1970.

His father and grandfather were magicians and in 1974, Conover began exploring the magical arts at the age of fifteen. In those early years, Tim studied, organized, and practiced nearly eight hours each day and performed at every opportunity. He performed at leading magical conventions, on the auto train traveling from Washington D.C. to Florida, and in D.C. area night clubs throughout his high school and college years.

In 1986, Conover started a full time trade show and corporate promotions career. He initially performed each year in twenty-five to thirty three day trade shows for major corporations.[2] In 1989, Conover expanded his interests to the world of mentalism.

Some of his audience members and clients included Walter Cronkite, the news anchor; Shimon Perez, the past Prime Minister of Israel; Alice Cooper, the rock star; Bob Newhart, the comedian; and Donald Trump, the businessman. He was also a huge fan of Del Ray and even incorporated Del’s mannerisms, rhythm, timing and some of his catch phrases.

Conover took his own life, suffering from personal problems after his divorce. [3]

Eric Mead stated in 2012 that he is working on writing a comprehensive book of Conover's magic.


  • 1983 Tied 6th place at Desert Magic Seminar with Dr. Sawa
  • 1993 - Gold Medal World Magic Summit in Washington, D.C.
  • 1995 - Dunninger Memorial Award by [[Psychic Entertainers Association]
  • 2005 - Milbourne Christopher Award by the Milbourne Christopher Foundation at the [[Society of American Magicians] convention.


  • Revolutionary Routines with Aces (with Scotty York) (1998)
  • Tim & Scotty's Fast and Final Aces (1993)


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