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{{Infobox person
{{Infobox person
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| image                    = [[File:magolip.jpg]]
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Tiziano Lippmann - mago Lip
[[File:Magolip.jpg|320 × 213 pixel|alt=]]
BornTiziano Lippmann
04 april 1959
Zurich - Switzerland

Known forSoap Balls Levitation and Bizarre Magick

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Started on studying magic on 2000. Knowing Dirk Losander in Las Vegas he asked him if he can study the soap balls levitation. After two years he started the first Theater show mixing theater and magic in the Italian side of Switzerland.In this show he used a lot of Losander's levitation. After the "two years tour" he stopped with "the Great Gambini" show. One year later, after a lecture of Eugene Burger in Spirit Theater, he started with a new project of Bizarre Magick. He is in the "Bizarre Magic Italia" group with President Christian Chelman and Vicepresident Alfonso Bartolacci. His new Bizarre Magick show name is "Cena con lo Spirito"


  • Daughter Altea Lippmann - MAKEUP & PROSTHETICS ARTIST.

Awards and Honors

  • The great Gambini - The first Theater show with mix of theater and magic in the italian side of Switzerland


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