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Trick of the Month Club

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Trick of the Month Club (T.M.C.) was created by the Thayer Magic Company in 1931. It was advertised as "No Meetings! - No Conventions! - But just plain magical enjoyment and thrills every month"

The "object" was stated as "Founded in the interest of magic, and for the benefit of those who desire to maintain a continued upkeep in the special line of outstanding pocket and impromptu magical effects at a nominal cost."

The twelve people that supplied tricks were known as the Mystic Twelve. They were each given a free membership to the club.[1]


A trick was sent every month to members that subscribed for five dollars a year.

Series 1, No. 1

Series No. 1:

Series No. 2:

  • No. 01: A Spirit Spots a Prevaricator by Chas. G. Crabb (July 1932)
  • No. 02: Ne Plus Ultra Reading Method by Annemann (August 1932)
  • No. 03: A Novel Handkerchief Production by El Barto (Sept. 1932)
  • No. 04: Cards That Change Their Coats by Rolland Hamblen also Card in Pocket Combination by H. G. Cleveland (Oct. 1932)
  • No. 05: The Color Changing Parasol by W. H. McCaffrey (Nov 1932)
  • No. 06: Burmese Miracles by Herman Yerger (Dec. 1932)
  • No. 07: One on a Match by Mihlon F. Clayton (Jan 1933)
  • No. 08: The Obedient Orange by Prof. Hoffmann Improved by El Barto (Feb. 1933)
  • No. 09: The New Age Book Test by Tom Sellers (March 1933)
  • No. 10: Swindles by Wilfrid Jonson (April 1933)
  • No. 11: A Novel Changing Card by C.A. George Newmann and A New Card Location Supreme by Martin Gardner (May 1933)
  • No. 12: Checking the Dean Name by Al Baker, New Method Dead Name Duplication by William Wagner and The Improved Floating Match (with apologies) (June 1933)

Series No. 3:

  • No. 01: A New Ring and Rope Release by H. G. Cleveland (July 1933)
  • No. 02: The Obliging Spirit by Tom Sellers (August 1933)
  • No. 03: Trance Revelation by Marcus Henvit (Sept 1933)
  • No. 04: More Peg and Paddle Magic (Oct 1933)
  • No. 05: Latest Burned and Restored Paper by Domer Scaramucci and A Spelling Trick with Numbered Cards by Herbert M. Richmond (Nov 1933)
  • No. 06: My Version of the Famous Mysterious Want Ad Test by Don Greenwood (Dec. 1933)
  • No. 07: A Pretty Ribbon Effect by Tom Sellers (Jan 1934)
  • No. 08: Flash by Arthur Herman Goad (Feb 1934)
  • No. 09: A New Lighted Cigarette Thru Hanky by William Kalman and A Multiplying Cigarette Routine by Bert Douglas (March 1934)
  • No. 10: Backs Up by Eddie Clever (April 1934)
  • No. 11: UP She Goes by Signor Ovette and Mento Card by Tom Sellers (May 1934)
  • No. 12: Celebro by Eddie Clever and Magic Squares by H. G. Cleveland (June 1934)


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