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* Flipper
* Flipper
* Rapid Aces
* Rapid Aces
* All The Non-Conformists (Martin Gardner)
* All The Non-Conformists ([[Martin Gardner]])
* Trance-Position  
* Trance-Position  
[[Category:Books by Verne Chesbro]]
[[Category:Books by Verne Chesbro]]

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Tricks You Can Count On
AuthorLarry West
Publication Date1960
Tricks You Can Count On by Larry West with Verne Chesbro contains card tricks that used false counts, mostly the Elmsley Count:
  • Face the face
  • Confusion
  • Air mail
  • Jumping Jack Rabbit Card
  • The Jack is a joker
  • Acrobatic Cards
  • Twisting the acrobats
  • Buckaroo
  • Flipper
  • Rapid Aces
  • All The Non-Conformists (Martin Gardner)
  • Trance-Position
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