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True Astonishments

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True Astonishments is a DVD series by Paul Harris that was years in the making after bringing on Bro Gilbert as director.


There were nine DVDs which included these effects and dozen more "hidden"


  • Backlash 2: A reworking of the original.
  • New Leaf: This new version of Leaf moves into the spectator's hands completely, and with a simple rubbing, everything becomes whole again.
  • Cheng's Change: A version of "Zapped!" with normal cards. Five cards visually morph into a royal flush without any gimmicks.
  • Big Tiny: A spectator's signature reassembles itself and multiplies in their hands using the principles of Unshuffled.


  • The New Las Vegas Leaper: The original PH routine with some new touches and a new twist to end on.
  • Tubular: Two signed bills morph into one bill.
  • Cheng's Riser: The card visually and slowly rises towards the top.
  • Growing Card by Tomoyuki Shimmura: A card visibly squishes out of shape as it slowly stretches and grows to twice its size in full view.


  • Casanova Inc: Steve Haynes contributes two handlings of his Casanova Concept with business cards.
  • Half Moon Trading Company: A new principle using a normal card case.
  • Solid with Happy Ending: A new version of Solid Deception. The deck goes solid just like before but this time the cards undo themselves.


  • Dr. Fun: A prediction effect in which the words you write predict what the spectator tells you to draw.
  • Name Dropper: A spectator is able to mysteriously and visually print her own name.
  • Naked Strange: Paul's impromptu version of Strange Travelers
  • Gerard's Warp: Andrew Gerard version of Card Warp


  • Transcendental Bar Bet: A card vanish in which the spectator actually vanishes the card herself.
  • Extraordinary Proof: Andrew Gerard version of the Stop Trick.
  • Tensegrity: Patrick Snowden's strange balancing card sculptures.
  • Reswindled: A version of Reset by Caleb Wiles with a kicker ending.


  • Smoking Eye: magic with signed matches.
  • The Weirdling: Michael Weber spin-off of Card Warp with a business card .
  • Ripped and Fryed: Charlie Frye's Torn and Restored card routine.
  • Cellmates: a prediction card effect.


  • Water Trap: Bro Gilbert's new approach to Doug Bennett's signed-coin-in-matchbook plot.
  • Dunn's Deal: Shaun Dunn presents his version of Galaxy. The spectator is shuffling the whole way through the entire effect.


  • Belly Button: A card through window using a campaign-type button as the card and a spectator's own shirt as the window
  • Muscle Bend: A borrowed coin bend that starts and ends with empty hands.
  • Unstable Label: Andrew Gerard's "Label to Inside of Bottle" with no palming or gimmicks.


  • TA Pen. A special PH custom gimmick used for bill changes, switches, and animations based on his Nightshades.
  • Angel Cake a new theory in bill changes.
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