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Uncanny is a one cup, cup and ball routine with a Tin Can that is inspired by Laurence Steinmeyer's effect The Solid Cone. At the end the routine, the tin can is shown to have sealed up and has reverted back to its unopened state and filled with its original content. Created by Paul Harris & Looy Simonoff. Originally published in Las Vegas Close Up (1978) and later republished in Art of Astonishment Volume 1 (1996).


  • Early Ammar Vol. 2 - "World-Class Close-up" (1982) contains his version called Beenie Weenie, also were published in Encore 3 in 1983.
  • Canned Craziness by Tommy Wonder in Tommy Wonder Entertains (1983).
  • Carl Andrews Video: "Making A Living Performing Close-up Magic" (1999) contains his take on Beenie Weenies.
  • Creamed by Jay Sankey in Sankey Unleashed (2004) - using a coffee creamer.
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