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''''Joe Pecore''' is a  [[Paul Harris]] fanatic.  
'''Joe Pecore''' is a  [[Paul Harris]] fanatic.  
[[Special:Contributions/Jpecore|Contributor]] to MagicPedia.
[[Special:Contributions/Jpecore|Contributor]] to MagicPedia.
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== Things to do (feel free to help ;) ==
== Things to do (feel free to help ;) ==
* Add videos and/or images to every Biography (here are some vids )
* Add videos and/or images to every Biography (here are some vids )
* Add more [[Template:TOTD|Featured Tips]]
* Add more [[Template:TOTD|Featured Tips]]
* Make a "contents" page (see
* Make a "contents" page (see
* Add an Interaction box (see wikipedia)
* Add an Interaction box (see wikipedia)
* Add a section on magic places similar to
== Items to fix ==
== Items to fix ==

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Joe Pecore is a Paul Harris fanatic.

Contributor to MagicPedia.

Please feel free to add comments and ask questions on my discussion page or email me at: Special:EmailUser/Jpecore.

You can also email me information, changes or corrections you would like to see on MagicPedia.

Working on

Incentive from the Conjuring Arts Research Center

The Conjuring Arts Research Center is offering a special MagicPedia Level monthly upgrade on Ask Alexander (similar to the top level Erdnase level) as an incentive for users to help contribute on MagicPedia.

Here is how it will work:

  • You must have an Ask Alexander account (all Genii subscribers get one for free)
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  • You must email me ( both account names along with a short description of how you would use the AskAlexander upgrade to improve MagicPedia. Some suggestions are: update bithdates/deathdates of current biographies, add new biographies, update the Genii issues with table of contents, add images to articles (biographies or periodicals).

At the end of each month, I'll pick someone for a monthly upgrade then confirm by email that they are still interested. I will then activate their free one month upgrade.

Note: Like other free upgrade accounts on AskAlexander, they are monitored closely for scarfing and unusual download activities. If caught, not only will you loose the upgrade, but also all access to Ask Alexander.

Pages to monitor

Things to do (feel free to help ;)

Items to fix


Extensions for MagicPedia


To research

Genii index replace

Want List

I'm looking for these magazines to complete my collection:

  • Magic Manuscript - Volume 11 Issue 3 - November / December 1989 - Cover - The Tenyo Team
  • Magic Manuscript - Volume 12 Issue 2 - September / October 1990 - Cover - Women in Magic Pt. 1

Did you know?

  • The Ring in Nest of Boxes dates back to 1751?
  • The Rising Card Effect first appeared in print in 1626?
  • The Sympathetic Silks trick was invented by Edward Victor?
  • Spring Flowers were invented by Buatier de Kolta?
  • The Vent Talking Hand was first performed in 1796?
  • A Cigarette Act was first presented in Paris by the Spanish magician, Franz-Klint, in 1916?
  • With the exception of a short description of the Pass and the Force by Guyot in 1769, Henri Decremps (1746-1826) was the first writer in any language to explain the basic card sleights?
  • The Sliding Die Box was invented by Alex Davis, an Englishman, who first performed it in the U.S.A. about 1886. The Rights were sold to Otto Mauer, a New York Dealer, who advertised it in 1897?
  • Bill Stickland published a method a Balloon Penetration?
  • The 20th Century Silks effect was first performed by David Devant, and his method later explained in Hoffmann's ' Later Magic' (1904)?
  • The Wild Card was invented by Peter Kane of Manchester, and shown by him months before it was ' invented' and marketed in the U.S.A.?
  • David Devant invented the Dyed Handkerchief Through Paper Tube and first presented the trick in 1893?
  • A Vanishing Cane made of spring steel, was described in the July 1899 issue of Mahatma?
  • Selbit was first to perform the Magic Bricks?
  • Buatier de Kolla was the first to produce flowers from a Cone, and Billiard Balls at the fingertips using a half shell?
  • the shell stack of coins was in the 4 Anatomie of Legerdemain 1634?
  • the carbon or impression card was first described in the March 1920 'Magic Wand"?
  • David Devant invented the Dyed Handkerchiefs and first presented the trick in 1893?
  • That although James Wobensmith is generally credited with the 4 one band adaptation of the Afghan Bands, credit really belongs to Ted Beal, who was first to do the trick with one band and published it in Naldrett's "More Collected Magic" in 1921.
  • The single colour-change handkerchief using a flesh-coloured tube with tape divider was first mentioned in 'Later Magic" (1904) and credited by Hoffmann to Ellis Stanyon. But in Robertson Keene's "More Novel Notes and Notions" (1907), the inventor is named as James Carl (James Wakefield) and it is quite possible he had used it for some considerable time before parsing it on to Keene.


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