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Vernon-Christ-Annemann Alignment Move

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Vernon-Christ-Annemann Alignment Move is a card move--essentially a form of Double Deal--that assists with creating the illusion of turning over the top card of a small packet, when actually turning the top and bottom cards.

Dai Vernon, Henry Christ and Theodore Annemann have all been associated with this move and routinely referred to as just the "Christ-Annemann Alignment Move". In The Vernon Chronicles, Volume 1, it's stated that Vernon created the move in 1933. Jon Racherbaumer reported that Ted Annemann used the move in a marketed trick titled Remote Control, which was released in February 1931 and can also be found within Annemann's Synthetic Sympathy routine (published in Jinx no. 2, November 1934, page 7 and in the Tarbell course.)

The slight became very popular as part of the packet trick Color Monte.