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Voice From The Attic

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Voice From The Attic
May 1932 issue
PublisherHarry Opel
First issue1929
Final issue1952
Total issues46

The Voice From The Attic was a periodical prepared by Harry Opel, a magician and juggler from the early 1900's.

Published from 1929 until 1952, they were handwritten and illustrated consisting of only one copy per month. Each issue sent to a different friend from a small circle of magic enthusiasts. There were over 46 issues.[1]

Opel explained the odd title in each issue. It started after a dispute with the editor of the magic magazine The Sphinx (A. M. Wilson) who challenged him to write an article on the harm amateur magicians were doing to magic. Wilson ended up not publishing it and when called to task he put in his paper "I understand he works in a store during the winter months and gets his mail at General Delivery, so I presume he lives in an attic."

During 1939, Opel cut the size of the current publication in half (to 8 pages) and called these 12 issues the FAX (e.g. "facts").[2]

Voice From The Attic was reproduced from 1982-83 by Bruce Dunn.[3]


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