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Warren Wright

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Warren Wright


Warren Wright (fl. 1880), with Robert Heller's widow Haidee, continued "Heller's Wonders" and his Second Sight act for several years in England.


In 1880, Wright and Haidee joined Harry Kellar's show.

Advertising as the successor to Robert Heller, an example of one of his programs consisted of the following:[1]:

  1. Production of a number of eggs from a folded handkerchief. The eggs placed into a saucepan change into canaries.
  2. A borrowed handkerchief cut and restored, then passed into a lemon, next is washed and wrapped in paper, paper then torn open, handkerchief is found dry, folded and scented.
  3. The harlequin in the box automaton.
  4. A number of coins passed one at a time from the casket with slits into a glass covered by a pack of cards.
  5. The metal cone and production of a plant in a pot.
  6. Various articles produced from a hat.
  7. The inexhaustible punch bowl


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