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The Willards are a long line of magicians, many working as "Willard the Wizard".[1]

  • Jim Willard, Elder of Ireland - magician (real name Maroney, but also erroneously stated in print McMahans and Maloney) Note: The fact that he was a magician in Ireland may just be a story made for publicity.[2]
  • 1867-1953 Jim Michael Willard (born James Michael Maroney) - magician; migrated from Ireland to Norde, Calif.
  • 18?? Jim married Lucy Mae Keaffer (of Spain). He taught her the spirit cabinet, billing her in his show as "Nellie Davenport." They had three sons and daughter - John Robert (?-1914), Tommy (?-1936), Edith Pearl Mentzer and Harry (1985 - 1970).
  • 1885 Harry Willard, Clarksville, Texas was born.
  • 1912 Harry left father's show, at age 12, to join Christ Bros. Circus
  • 1914 John Robert, who performed as "Willard the Wizard", committed suicide while in jail.
  • 1915-1919 Harry took over his father's show and became Willard the Wizard
  • 1922 Harry married Charlotte "Lottie" Elizabeth Katzmark (Feb. 12, 1906 - Dec. 1, 1927). They met in Nordheim, Tex. and married in Houston
  • 1923 Aug. 29 - Howard Edward Willard born to Lottie
  • 1925 March 29 - Elizabeth Rosemarie born to Lottie
  • 1927 Dec. 1 - Lottie died
  • 1929 Harry married Essie Jay "Joy"-(June 13, 1911 -Dec. 18, 1953) on March 19 in Luling, Texas
  • 1930 Sept. 9 - Eugene Powell Willard born to Joy
  • 1935 Jim Willard's death - buried in Houma, La.
  • 1938 Nov. 4 Madeline born to Joy
  • 1940 Dec. 12 Frances Louise Willard born to Joy
  • 1947 Dec. 15 Gloria Ann born to Joy
  • 1950 Emil Patrick (Apr. 19 - Dec. 10, 1957) born to Joy
  • 1960s Frances married Texan newspaper editor Glenn Tucker in the 1960s and had three children with him: Margo, Hannah, and Aaron. Margo has worked as an assistant with The Pendragons and was one of the stars of the NBC television special The World's Most Dangerous Magic 2. Hannah married close-up magician Michael Ammar.

In the Conjuring Record, July 1914, there is a report that "Willard the Wizard" committed suicide in jail. A John R. Maloney [sic], a magician known as "Willard the Wizard", committed suicide by jumping thirty feet from the prison grilling to the cement floor. He was in the jail awaiting trial for the murder of his wife and year-old baby. The body was sent to Cucro, Texas.


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