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William Rauscher

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William Rauscher
BornWilliam Vernon Rauscher, Jr.
October 17, 1932
Long Branch, New Jersey

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Reverend William Vernon Rauscher (b. 1932) is a magic historian and lecturer.


  • Arthur Ford: The Man Who Talked with the Dead (co-author) – 1973
  • The Spiritual Frontier: A Priest Explores the Psychic World – 1975
  • The Psychic Mafia (collaborator) – 1976
  • Church In Frenzy: The Crisis of Christianity Today – 1980
  • John Calvert: Magic and Adventures around the World (1987)
  • The Great Raymond: Entertainer of Kings – King of Entertainers – 1996
  • Servais Le Roy: Monarch of Mystery (with Mike Caveney - 1999)
  • To Be or Not To Be: A Pastoral View of Suicide in Today's World – 2000
  • The Houdini Code Mystery: A Spirit Secret Solved (2000)
  • S. S. Adams: High Priest of Pranks and Merchant of magic – 2002
  • The Mind Readers: Masters of Deception – 2002
  • Magic in Rhyme: A Magician's Anthology of Poems, Verses, and Limericks – 2003
  • Religion, Magic, and the Supernatural: The Autobiography, Reflections and Essays of an Episcopal Priest – 2006
  • Pleasant Nightmares: Dr. Neff and His Madhouse of Mystery (2008)
  • Edd Patterson: A Lifetime of Magic and Art – 2008
  • Kalanag – The story of Helmut Schreiber, who presented mysteries on the stage and left us with a mystery of himself.
  • Milbourne Christopher The Man and His Magic - 2013


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