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Yank Hoe

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Yank Hoe
BornErcole Castagnone[1]
Turin, Italy

Yank Hoe (c.1864[2]-d.1907), known for performing the Card in Cigarette, made his first appearance in London at the Trocadero in December 1885.


Clarke, in his Annals of Conjuring, erroneously indicated his name as "Morenos". He had a drug store in Torino, Italy, and was an amateur magician and juggler. By 1883, he became a manager of an unidentified Japanese juggling troupe and started a professional career with juggling and magic.

In 1886, he became associated with Omene[3], a London girl (real name Nadine Osborne) who acted as his assistant until 1892, when she began a solo career as an "exotic dancer" and later as a magician.[4] After their split, Yank Hoe continued to perform mainly as a juggler, rather than magician.[5]

His stage act was a combination of juggling and magic, particularly mind reading. J. N. Hilliard recorded a few of his tricks in T. Nelson Downs' The Art of Magic and in Greater Magic.

His "Sympathetic Coins" was published in The Art of Magic (Hilliard/Downs, 1909), which was a precursor to what would become more popularly known as Matrix.


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