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(Quarterly publication about magic history and magic collecting)
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== Issues ==
== Issues ==
[ Vol. 1 n. 0] - [[October 2014]] - sampler issue. [[Chefalo]], [[Robert-Houdin]]
* [ Vol. 1 n. 0] - [[October 2014]] - sampler issue. [[Robert-Houdin]], Roxy Award on Magic History. Insert: postcard Roxy Award
* [ Vol. 1 n. 1] - [[December 2014]] - Count Otnip d'Irrab, [[Christian Chelman]]'s "Pacte", [[Chefalo]], [[Dante]], [[Robert-Houdin]]. Insert: [[Christian Chelman]]'s token
* [ Vol. 1 n. 2] - [[March 2015]] - [[Denton]], Vincenzio Barletti, Magic Books sold in 2014, Whittington-Wickes, [[Chris Van Bern]], [[Bartolomeo Bosco]]. Insert: reproduction of Italian magic advertising from [[1787]]
* [ Vol. 1 n. 3] - [[June 2015]] - [[Abraham Colorni]], [[Luca Trono]], [[Robert-Houdin]]'s mystery clock. Insert: details of the mechanism of Robert-Houdin's clock
* [ Vol. 1 n. 4] - [[September 2015]] - Frantisek [[Samek]], [[FISM]] review, FISM book, Stars of Magic playing cards, [[Pinetti]] Spanish text. Insert: a "Stars of Magic" playing card
* [ Vol. 2 n. 1] - [[December 2015]] - [[Charles Dickens]], [[Annie Abbott]] in Italy, review of European Magic History Conference, [[Vanni Bossi]], how to collect digital magic. Insert: audio CD of Richard Hambling
* [ Vol. 2 n. 2] - [[March 2016]] - Byzantine book of secrets, [[Yank Hoe]], the origin of the [[Matrix]] trick, magic books sold in 2015. Insert: postcard reproducing a poster of [[Yank Hoe]]

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Ye Olde Magic Mag
Issue Zero
PublisherMarco Pusterla
First issueOctober 2014
Final issueOngoing

Ye Olde Magic Mag, also known as YOMM, is a quarterly publication dedicated to the history of magic and to general magic collecting news, published by Marco Pusterla.

The magazine started in October 2014 with the release of one "Issue Zero", in digital format, freely downloadable, and with a printed version. Issue Zero was a "sampler" issue, with only a few pages (8 in the PDF; 12 in the print edition). From December 2014, the first issue was published, both in digital and print format.

The printed version is European A5 format, on yellow paper, stapled, with an average of 56 pages per issue. The digital version is distributed as a PDF, in landscape format in US "letter" size, suitable for printing or display on tablets. The digital version is watermarked with the name and email address of the buyer.

The print version is in a limited print run (25 copies for vol. 1 issues 0 and 1, 50 copies for Vol. 1 issues 2, 3 and ; and 75 copies for the following issues), numbered and signed by the publisher and containing an "insert", being a piece of memorabilia (a token, a postcard...) or some other paper ephemera related to the magazine.


Every issue contains a variable number of articles, with generally a major (cover) article which spans most pages, and a variable number of other articles by the editor or contributors. Constant columns are Auction Action, a review of significant magic items sold at auction in the past quarter, and Chewing the (magic) fat, a group of short stories about magic anecdotes, book reviews, general rambling from the editor on items pertaining magic collecting and history.