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Zina Bennett

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Zina Bennett
BornOctober 30, 1891
DiedJuly 02, 1965 (age 73)

Dr. Zina Bennett (Oct 30, 1891- July 2, 1965), a physician/surgeon that achieved an international reputation from Detroit, Michigan. He was noted for his manipulation routine with jumbo cards. Inventor of the ZinaB Deck, a special manipulation deck. Zina married Susy Wandas August, 1959 in Brussells.


During World War I, Dr. Bennett served with the Medical Corps, first at the Army Medical School in Washington, D. C. and later at Camp Gordon in Atlanta, Ga. Dr. Bennett designed many magic effects as a means of applying physiotherapy and he aided many service men with injured hands to regain normal dexterity.

Zina was perhaps the most social magician of his time. At one time he told me he held memberships in 198 different magic clubs. His greatest enthusiasm was writing to sick members. He was well known for writing thousands of letters all over the world, and visiting as many as he could too. When he was in his prime, it was not unusual for him to write upwards of 50 letters a day to magicians the world over.

He has served as vice-president of the Society of Detroit Magicians, and was first president of Harry E. Cecil IBM Ring number 22. Dr. Bennett wrote the column in the Linking Ring magazine entitled Prescription (1941-1948). He was also on the cover in the March 1943 issue.

He was a Freemason and with Felix Korim was responsible for the initiation of the Invisible Lodge.[1]


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