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Back Issues: 1999

January 1999 (Vol.62,No.1) SOLD OUT
Mr. Burger Takes to the Stage by Max Maven; Accidental Collector by Richard Kaufman. Magicana includes "Dracula and the Handmaidens" by Brother John Hamman, and Hawaiian Pop-Up Move by Curtis Kam. Columns: The Unseen Side of Dai Vernon "Sub Rosa Crimp" by Dai Vernon; The Jennings Tapes "MacJenings Aces," by Larry Jennings; "Maximum Dimension," by Max Maven.
February 1999 (Vol.62,No.2)
Jeff Sheridan: Where No Magician Has Gone Before by Richard Kaufman; Tenyo Time by Richard Kaufman. Magicana includes "Hugard's All Backs" by Jean Hugard; "The Fishy Five" by Hiro Sakai; "Mightier Than the Sword" Jay Sankey. Columns: Sheridan Speaks by Jeff Sheridan and Our Magical Art by Eugene Burger.
March 1999 (Vol.62,No.3)
Genii Goes to London: An article on the Magic scene in London, Edwin A. Dawes; Davenport's Magic Shop; and The Magic Circle. Tricks from the natives Alex Elmsley, Bob Read, Shiv Duggal, Angelo Carbone, Patrick Page, Jack Avis, and Guy Hollingworth. "A few Words With " Chris Power and J.J. Also contains the first installment of A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities by Edwin Dawes.
April 1999 (Vol.62,No.4)
Inside the Mind of Mr. Mysto; includes an interview with Bernard Mysto, and excerpts from I, Mysto and Mysto's Big Book of E-Z Magic, and Mysto's Scrapbook. Magicana includes "Luck Beats Skill" Karl Fulves; "Call to the World" Hideo Kato; "You Think It's Gone" by Tony Binarelli. "Devious Open Prediction" by Larry Jennings and Our Magical Art by Eugene Burger.
May 1999 (Vol.62,No.5)
Features include Lance Burton on TV, and Wonder Workshop in the Castle by Gordon Bean. Magicana includes "The Dutch Ghost" by Anon, Jack Avis; and "Hakushi to Senyen: White Paper to 1,000 Yen" by Toshio Akanuma/Shintaro Fujiyama. Columns: The Unseen Side of Dai Vernon "Deep BackClip and Transfer" by Dai Vernon; Sheridan Speaks "The Cut and Restored Fan" by Jeff Sheridan.
June 1999 (Vol.62,No.6) SOLD OUT
The Sankey Approach by Mark Levy; tricks include "Extended Credit," "Inside Trading," "The Homing Band," "Fragil Harbor," and "Leaving Home." Magicana includes "Deep Voodoo" by J.K. Hartman and "21st Century Magician vs. Gambler" by James Swain. Columns: The Jennings Tapes "The Airport Trick" and Our Magical Art by Eugene Burger.
July 1999 (Vol.62,No.7)
Ricki Dunn: A Remembrance by David Avadon and words from Hal Meyers. Original Dunn tricks include "Card in Wallet Plus" and "A Pseudo Tie Steal." Magicana includes "Scottish Fly" by R. Paul Wilson, "The Partagas Spell" by Phil Goldstein, "Craftmaster" by Peter Duffie, "Finlayson's Frolic," by Roy Walton. "An Original Interlocked Card Production," by Jeff Sheridan and The WebbMaster by Gregg Webb.
August 1999 (Vol.62,No.8) SOLD OUT
Melinda Saxe; First Lady of Magic interviewed by Steve Bryant. Magicana guest editor Joshua Jay, Minor Miracles; Includes "The Chicago Mystery Card," Joshua Jay; "International Coins Across" Robert Herritt; "Astronomical Aces" Micah Lasher; "Coinfetti" Phillip Kaiser; and "Business Cardiographic" Brian Kloske, and "From my Thoughts" by Barrie Richardson.
September 1999 (Vol.62,No.9) SOLD OUT
Hollingworth's Nightmare by Guy Hollingworth/described by Richard Kaufman. Just for the Mel of It … by Max Maven. A Conversation with Doug Henning by Michael Edwards. "Monday Night Magic: New York!" by Simon Lovell. Columns: The Jennings Tapes "Dissertation on an Old Trick, Part I" Larry Jennings, Sheridan Speaks! "The Interlocked Production of Cards and Coins" Jeff Sheridan.
October 1999 (Vol.62,No.10) SOLD OUT
George Saterial Hits His Stride and Does What No One Has Done Before by Richard Kaufman. Jasper Turns 80! by Richard Kaufman. Vintage Spirits and Son of Sam by Steve Bryant. Magicana includes "Bespectacle" by David Acer; "The Ripple" by Tom Allen; "Ripple Plus" by Lee Asher. Columns: Our Magical Art by Eugene Burger and From My Thoughts "Minds in Unison 2000" by Barrie Richardson.
November 1999 (Vol.62,No.11) SOLD OUT
Focus on Malini includes pieces by Richard Kaufman, S. Leo Horowitz, Dick Newton, William Read Woodfield, and Jamy Ian Swiss. Selection of Malini tricks described by Charlie Miller, Dr. Jacob Daley, and Dai Vernon. Magicana includes "Coins Across 2000" by Gregg Webb; "Poor Man's Prayer Vase" by Jon Allen; "Vertical Elmsely Count" by Mike Richards. Plus the regular columns.
December 1999 (Vol.62,No.12)
An excerpt from Daniel Stashower's Houdini mystery. Derek Hughes interviewed by Mark Phillips. A timely story about Maurice Fogel by Nadine Woodward, IASIA by Michael Edwards. Magicana includes "Submarine Coins" Dr. Hiroshi Sawa; "The Great Francisco's Floating Table" Pete Biro; "Patent Portent" J.K. Hartman; "HeavyWeight" Peter Duffie. Plus the regular columns. Genii 1999 Index.


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