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Back Issues: 2000
January 2000 (Vol.63,No.1) SOLD OUT
New Light on Erdnase by David Alexander; Jay Marshall interviews George Johnstone; Conference on Magic History by Richard Kaufman. Magicana includes "Lunch Crunch" by Paul Cummins; "The Card on the Window" by Peter W. Tappan. Columns include: The Schneider Technique, "One Half Gone" by Al Schneider; The WebbMaster, Gregg Webb; and "Glacier" by Larry Jennings.
February 2000 (Vol.63,No.2) SOLD OUT
Orson Welles: The Magician by Wynn Pierce Wheldon. Al Schneider and the Story of Matrix by Al Schneider. The Society of Osiris, Thomas Chew Worthington, III, and The Magic Collectors Weekend by Mark Walker. Magicana includes "Technicolor Changing Knives" by Robert McDaniel. Columns: Pediatrix by Danny Orleans; Confessions of a Road Warrior by David Acer; and Our Magical Art by Eugene Burger.
March 2000 (Vol.63,No.3)
The Magic Show, a new book by Mark Setteducati and Anne Benkovitz. Stanley Collinsí Lost Manuscript by Edwin A. Dawes. Magicana includes "French Twist" by R. Paul Wilson and "A Magical Joke" by Roy Walton. Columns: The Schneider Technique, Al Schneider; The WebbMaster by Gregg Webb; From My Thoughts by Barrie Richardson; Sheridan Speaks! by Jeff Sheridan; and The Other Month by Phil Goldstein.
April 2000 (Vol.63,No.4) SOLD OUT
Tribute to Doug Henning includes remembrances from Jim Steinmeyer and Charles Reynolds; reviews from Jim Robertson and Bill Larsen, Jr., and a piece by Doug Henning. The Billy Club by Max Maven. Magicana includes "Love, Aunt Doris," Just Allen; "Fire Fight," Adam Rubin; "Blood Brothers," Karl Fulves. Columns include: Confessions of a Road Warrior, David Acer and Pediatrix, Danny Orleans.
May 2000 (Vol.63,No.5)
Genii Goes to Tokyo: A Little Bit of Tokyo; The Tenyo Company; "Human Cannonball" by Tomo Maeda; "Two Pens with But a Single Thought" by Kazayuki Hase; "The Copper Queen and Silver President" by Hiroshi Sawa; An Interview with the Napoleons; "Warp 9" by Masao Atsukawa; "Torn and Restored 2000" by Ken Kuroki; Ton Onosake and Magic Land.
June 2000 (Vol.63,No.6)
David BenóThe Conjuror by Jamy Ian Swiss, includes Developing a Show, "Oranges ` a la Raymond," and "The Conjurorís Dream," by David Ben, Magic Moments by Steve Bryant, and Patrick Watson on Patrick Watson. Magicana includes "A Foregone Conclusion," Ray Kosby and William Goodwin. "Easter Egg Divination" by Barrie Richardson; "2D Vanish" by Al Schneider.
July 2000 (Vol.63,No.7)
The Many Mysteries of LíHomme Masqué by Michael Edwards and Jerry Christensen; includes tricks from LíHomme Masqué such as "The King of Clubs," "Palming Cards from the Top of the Pack," and "The Expansion of Texture." The journey of S.H. Sharpe by Todd Karr. Magicana includes "Aquatic Duel," Tom Stone and "Compounding a Lie," David Regal. Plus the regular columns and reviews.
August 2000 (Vol.63,No.8)
Adelaide Herrmann by James Hamilton. Books Vs. Videotapes by David Acer. The Flicking Fingers Hijack Magicana includes "Sp!it Second" by Pit Hartling; "Straight from the Shoulder" by Rainer Pfeiffer; "e-magic" by Jorg Willich; "Flashback-Clip" by Thomas Fraps; "The Flying Fingers" by Helge Thun; "The Pen-Ultimate Coin" by Manuel Muerte.
September 2000 (Vol.63,No.9)
The Amazing Johnathan by Steve Bryant; includes an interiew with The Amazing Johnathan, an interview with Billy McComb; and some AJ tricks you can do at the dinner table. Tenyoís "Cyber Conjuror." An excerpt from Performing Magic for Children by Uwe Schenk and Michael Sondermeyer. Magicana includes "Zig-Zag Finger" by Angelo Carbone; "Sly Napkin" by Al Schneider. Plus the regular columns.
October 2000 (Vol.63,No.10)
A look at the man who was Tom Palmer, Tony Andruzzi, and Masklyn ye Mage by Terry Nosek, John Thompson, Richard Kaufman, Max Maven, Brother Shadow, and Charles Cameron; tricks include "Stigmata," "Coffin Nail," "Geomancy," and "Daemon Dirt." An interview with Masklyn ye Mage by Gary Inglese and Denny Laub and a conversation about Tony Andruzzi with Eugene Burger and David Parr.
November 2000 (Vol.63,No.11)
Michael Skinner; A Memorial by Lou Gallo, Jamy Ian Swiss, James Swain, John Carney, Darwin Ortiz, Roger Klause, Jon Racherbaumer. "Masterful Mosteller" by Michael Skinner and Alex Elmsley. The Great Auction of this Century, four-color photo gallery. Michael Skinnerís Magic including: "Mikeís Opener: Presto Chango," "Rub-A-Dub-Dub," "Liberaceís Piano Keys," and "SentiMental Aces."
December 2000 (Vol.63,No.12)
An interview with Jade by Richard Kaufman. Bob Fitchís Magic Performing Camp by Rich Marotta and Mark Phillips. Magicana includes "Color Cocktail" by Roy Walton. Columns: The Schneider Technique, Al Schneider; From My Thoughts, Barrie Richardson; Confessions of a Road Warrior, David Acer; The Other Month, Phil Goldstein; and Our Magic Art, Eugene Burger. Genii 2000 Index.

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