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Back Issues: 2001
January 2001 (64,No.1) SOLD OUT
Millennium reflections by Jon Racherbaumer, Steve Bryant, D.A. Peck, Max Maven, Jamy Ian Swiss, Jim Steinmeyer, Danny Orleans, Matthew Field, etc. Magicana includes "BíWave be Wonderful Ö" Just Alan and "Southern Key Tap" Roy Walton. Columns include: The Card Expert, James Swain; The Schneider Technique, Al Schneider; and The Giorgio Letters, Tony Giorgio.
February 2001 (Vol.64,No.2) SOLD OUT
Michael Bailey; Two-Man Show by John Derris. Brother John Hamman by Jon Racherbaumer and Richard Kaufman. Hamman tricks include "Double Surprise Elevators," "Triple Match," "Flip-Flop Aces," "The Hand Mucking Trick," "Double Take," "Chameleon Blues," and "Do As I Do Aces." Columns: Pediatrix, Danny Orleans, Our Magical Art, Eugene Burger, and Osborne Illusions, Paul Osborne.
March 2001 (Vol.64,No.3)
Lance Burtonís Young Magicians Showcase, a close-up on each magician featured in his TV special by Melanie A. Cissone. David Blaine comentary by Jon Racherbaumer and Bob Fitch. Exploring the Houdini Museum by Alissa Balyean. Magicana includes "Mr. Elliott Vanishes a Pen!" by Robert Elliott and "Lo and Foretold" by J.K. Hartman. Plus the regular columns and reviews.
April 2001 (Vol.64,No.4)
The Clandestine World of John Mulholland by Michael Edwards. Magicana includes "The Heinstein Shuffle" by Karl Hein and "A Twisted Tale" by Roy Walton. Columns: The Schneider Technique, Al Schneider; The WebbMaster, Gregg Webb; Our Magical Art, Eugene Burger; and The Giorgio Letters, Tony Giorgio. Additioanl commentary on Magic in the Age of Information by Jamy Ian Swiss.
May 2001 (Vol.64,No.5)
Clayton Rawson by Michael Cannick; with excerpts from Clayton Rawson and The Great Merlini including The Invisible Murderer; The Cockeyed Cards, Cards of Satan. James Swain: A Gift for Grift ... by Paul W. Cummins. Why Women in Magic? by Sara Crasson. Magicana includes "The Anti-Faro" by Christian Engblom. Plus the regular columns and reviews.
June 2001 (Vol.64,No.6)
Paul Osborne illusion designs explained in detail include: The DeKolta Chair, The DeKolta Sneak, Divido, Lumberjackís Dream, The Stretcher Illusion, The Switch on the Laser Cannon. Osborne testimonials from David Caserta and Tom Yurasits. Tenyoís Pokémon Magic Collection and The Robert-Houdin Fan. Another look at The Expert at the Card Table by Steve Forte. Plus the regular columns and reviews.
July 2001 (Vol.64,No.7)
Carnival of Wonders, an in-depth look into Kalin, Jinger, and Hobsonís Reno Show. A close look at street performer Blair Tollefson by David Groves. Witty and sentimental goodbye to Jerry Camaro by Penn Jillette. Magicana focus on Hiro Sakai, including "Wand Mystery," "Celebrity Torn and Restored Card," and "One-Man Self Levitation." Intermission columns from Jules Lenier and Bill Goldman.
August 2001 (Vol.64,No.8)
A series of essays and counter essays on Rick Johnssonís The Too-Perfect Theory by Jon Racherbaumer, Jamy Ian Swiss, John Carney, Mike Close, Darwin Ortiz, Martin Lewis, Patrick Watson, Harry Lorayne, and Simon Aronson. Plus an interview with Earl Nelson by Shaena Engle and Richard Kaufman, tricks include "Smooth as Silk Assembly" and "Jumping Jacks Redux." Jon Racherbaumer remembers Michael Rogers.
September 2001 (Vol.64,No.9)
A History of Little People in Magic by Michael Claxton. A look at female Magician Suzanne by David Regal. Magicana includes: "Alan Greenbergís Thumbtip Tip" by Alan "Ace" Greenberg; "The Haversat Hinge: A One-Handed Double Lift" by David Haversat; "McDonaldís Aces Segue No.1" by Jim Morton and "Segue No.2" by John Henahan; more from Clawton Rawson. Plus regular columns and reviews.
October 2001 (Vol.64,No.10) SOLD OUT
All Access: Backstage with David Copperfield. The Steve Cohen Story by Harry Lorayne including Steve Cohenís "Mood Photo." The Magic Show, Reprise by Michael Edwards. Osborne Illusions. Magicana includes: "Jet Coins" by Akira Fujii; "Sewn in Rome" by Alain Iannone; "The Fan Weave" by Alex Elmsley; and "Florida Roadkill" by James Swain. Too Perfect Imperfect by Tom Stone. Pediatrix by Danny Orleans.
November 2001 (Vol.64, No.11)
The Long and Lucky Life of Harry Lorayne by Jon Racherbaumer; five tricks from Harry's personal collection, such as Lorayne's Invisible Pass Routine, Platinum Discrepancy, and Better Overhand-Shuffle Stack. Also a four-color review of Tenyo new items for 2002. Magicana includes tricks from David Acer, Akira Fujii, Gregg Webb, and Roy Walton. Intermission by Jules Lenier and Bill Goldman, plus the regular reviews.
December 2001 (Vol. 64, No. 12)
Dai Vernon and his quest for Allen Kennedy's Center Deal by Karl Johnson. Pieces on the Professor by Max Maven, Roger Klause, and Jon Racherbaumer. The Allen Kennedy Center Deal by Dai Vernon, and The Allen Kennedy Center Deal Exposed by David Ben. Magicana contains 7 trick by Dai Vernon. Intermission by Eugene Burger and Danny Orleans, plus the regular reviews. Genii 2001 index.
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