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Back Issues: 2002
January 2002 (65,No.1) SOLD OUT
Mac King interviewed by Steve Bryant, Lance Burton and Mac King interviewed by Genii. Mac King tricks include Card in Shoe and Homing Deck Vanish. Iiro Seppanen interviewed by Eugene Burger and Lisa Menna. The Genii Session by Roberto Giobbi. Magicana includes The Schneider Technique, From My Thoughts, and Confessions of a Road Warrior. Intermission includes Lenier's Lair and Traveling Tales.
February 2002 (Vol.65,No.2)
Vino with Gio, Jon Racherbaumer eats, talks, and learns tricks from Giovanni Livera, tricks include Shadow Play, Karate Cracker, A Light for Lola, and Shaker and Silver. Intermission includes The Giorgio Letters, Our Magical Art, From My Thoughts, Pediatrix. Plus an extensive look at Potter Pother, and commentary on Harry Potter by Jon Racherbaumer. Also included: Osborne Illusions, William Read Woodfield and Magicana, and Rich Cabinet.
March 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 3)
The End of an Era ... Al's Magic Shop by Jamy Ian Swiss. Reviews of Warren and Annebelle's by Harrison Carroll, Legends of Magic reviewed by David Reed-Brown, McBride Magic: The Secret Art reviewed by Just Alan, and a look at Britians Quick Trick Show by Anthony Owen. Magicana includes an eggstra-special trick on Kling-Klang, and Patrick Page brings us The Left Handed Force. Intermission includes Bill Goldmanžs Traveling Tales.
April 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 4)
May 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 5)
June 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 6)
July 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 7)
August 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 8) SOLD OUT
September 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 9)
October 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 10)
November 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 11)
December 2002 (Vol. 65, No. 12)
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