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Anton Kratky-Baschik

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Anton Kratky-Baschik
BornAnton Kratky
January 11, 1821
Kozlan, Bohemia then Austria, now Czech Republic
DiedAugust 28, 1889 (age 68)
Resting placeVienna Central Cemetary

Anton Kratky-Baschik (1821 - 1889) was born in Kozlan, a little town in Bohemia. He started out as a harmonica player with his brother having great success. By 1850, he was performing magic in Germany working with Samuel Bellachini. In 1857, Kratky-Baschik started working with Bartholomeo Bosco in England.


In 1864, he built his own theater in Vienna where he performed for several months before he started going blind. He allowed others to appear in his place including George Heubeck and Ottokar Fischer.

He performed before Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle, November 3, 1858 and toured the United States for two years with P. T. Barnum's Show.

W. Wood De Gruchy, quoting German sources in the Wizard Vol. 2 - No. 15, gives his date of birth as November 6, 1820, in Prague.


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