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Arthur Buckley

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Arthur Buckley

Cover of Genii (1948)
BornArthur Herbert Buckley
December 15, 1890
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
DiedFebruary 20, 1953 (age 62)
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Arthur Buckley (1890-1953) started out in 1908 as 'Young Dante', 'King of Kards' and 'King of Koins', then performed as 'Mysto' in Australia and New Zealand.


He came to United States in 1918 and soon became well known in America on the major vaudeville circuits of the 1920s. He was schooled by the great sleight-of-hand artists he met in the entertainment business and by professional gamblers he met in his early years touring Australia.

The location of Arthur H. Buckley's "Magic Products Co," from which he published the monthly "New and Improved Card Effects" and sold leather playing card cases was listed as "804 S Wabash, Chicago, IL" in his advertised him Billboard magazine.[1][2]

By 1925, he was working as a two-person mind-reading with his partner/wife Helena.

In 1934, Buckley came back to the United States to settle in Chicago as an electronics engineer for Reliable Electric in a creative and consulting capacity. He developed a number of commercially successful patents. In Chicago, he became close friends with Alton Sharpe.

He developed one of his most well-known coin sleights the Muscle Pass sometime before 1948, as well as originated and developed the card production known today as the "split fan" production.

Just before his death, he made a TV appearance on the Don Alan Show, then flew at once to the Coast where he appeared on "You Asked For It" with his coin manipulations. The day he returned to work in Chicago, he suffered a heart attack.

Marketed Tricks

Between 1921 and 1924, Buckley wrote a series of twelve problems under the name New and Improved Effects with Cards, of which three in the series were ever published.[3] These were:

  • No. 1 A Triple Climax (June 1921)
  • No. 2 The Burglar (July 1921)
  • No. 3 A Pack of Cards and Four Pockets (November 1921)

"The first ten of these improved and original card problems, series one and two, were published in two small pamphlets of five effects each in 1924". (Excerpt from Improved and Original Card Problems - 1930)



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