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Baron Hartwig Seeman

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Baron Hartwig Seeman
BornErnst Hartwig Johann Seemann
June 3, 1833
Stralsund then Prussia, now Germany
DiedMarch 25, 1886 (age 52)
Kosse, Texas

Hartwig Seeman (1833 - 1886), born in Stralsund, Prussia, toured the world frequently billed with a self-assumed title Baron as Baron Hardwig Seeman being from Sweden or as Professor Seeman, "The Emperor of Magicians".


Seeman parents died in 1844 when he was only ten. As an adult, with some small boxes of tricks he constructed himself and thirty dollars, he started in 1860 on a tour as a conjurer. Within a year, he earned enough money to buy more apparatus. While in Sweden and Norway he exhibited his Sphinx Illusion.

He later gained quite a name in India, being the first of modern conjurers to visit that country. He returned to Germany with apparatus all of solid silver, and was considered the richest magician of his time. He appeared in his act literally covered with diamonds, and the suit that he wore on the stage was valued at 50,000 marks.

Later he traveled to the United States in the beginning of 1880 and died in Texas in 1886. Some credit him for the levitation illusion Aga (1880).[1]

His son, Adolph Seeman, carried on the entertainment after the death of his father, and the levitation illusion which he called "Electra".


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