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Ellis Stanyon

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Ellis Stanyon
BornWilliam Ellis Stanyon
January 8, 1870
Leicestershire, England
DiedSeptember 2, 1951 (age 81)
West Hampstead, London, England
Resting placeWest Hampstead Cemetery
CategoriesBooks by Ellis Stanyon

William Ellis Stanyon (1870 - 1951), born in Leicestershire, England was a professional magician and magic dealer in London. Stanyon became interested in magic after seeing a magic show at his school and getting a copy of Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic.


Ellis Stanyon started his first periodical known as 'Stanyon's Serials' in 1899. A year later he published-edited Stanyon's Magic. In the first issue of Magic he set out his intention which was to‚ 'popularize the Art of Sleight of Hand'. His periodical was 8 pages per issue and contained, news, tricks, reviews and gossip, as well as advertisements. It was first published in October 1900 and ran for 177 issues (1400+ pages) with a break during the 1914-1918 war and the final issue was published in June 1920. After his death in 1951, Stanyon's son Cyril took over the magic business.


  1. New Coin Tricks, 1st Series (1899)
  2. A Bibliography of Conjuring (1899)
  3. New Coin Tricks, 2nd Series (1900)
  4. New Handkerchief Tricks (1900)
  5. New Card Tricks, First Series (1900)
  6. New Miscellaneous Tricks and Memory Feats (1900)
  7. New Juggling Tricks (1901)
  8. New Card Tricks, 2nd Series (1902)
  9. The Original Tricks of Clement De Lion (1902)
  10. New Miscellaneous Tricks, 2nd Series (1903)
  11. New Fire Tricks and Chemical Magic for the Stage, 1st Series (1904)
  12. Great Paper and String Tricks, 1st Series (1904)
  13. Great Handcuff Tricks (1904)
  14. Great Silent Thought Transmission (1904)
  15. New Billiard Ball Sleights, 1st Series (1904)
  16. Original Explanatory Programmes (1907)
  17. Fire and Chemical Magic for Drawing-Room and Stage, 2nd Series (1907)
  18. Fire and Chemical Magic for Drawing-Room and Stage, 3rd Series (1909)
  19. New Handkerchief Tricks, 2nd Series (1909)
  20. New Card Tricks, 3rd Series (1910)
  21. New Card Tricks, 4th Series (1910)
  22. Mysterious Escapes (1912) (possibly never published)
  • Hand Shadows: Being a Novel Collection of Finger Silhouettes (1900)


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