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Genii 1941 April

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Genii 1941 April
DateApril 1941
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  • Page 253: Our Cover - Bert Allerton by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 253: We Hope You Are Like One of These
  • Page 254: Genii Speaks by William W. Larsen, Sr.
  • Page 255: The Die-Box without a Shell by Dr. Raymond L. Beebe
  • Page 256: A Dinner Table Trick by C.R. Mawe
  • Page 256: The Instant Speller by T. Page Wright
  • Page 257: Fingertip Telepathy by Milbourne Christopher
  • Page 257: Improved Dollar Bill Mindreading by Martin Gardner & David Price
  • Page 258: The New and the Old by Lu Brent
  • Page 258: The Last Medecine Manby Chief Blackstar
  • Page 259: The L.W. Wonder Detection by Wright T. Page
  • Page 259: Quizz by Harry Opel
  • Page 259: Just Paragraphsby Herman L. Weber
  • Page 260: Duo Sympathy by Peter Warlock
  • Page 260: Modern Dollar Bill in Egg by Joe Karson
  • Page 261: Genii Juniors; A Page for Junior Magicians by Billy Larsen, Jr.
    • Top Hat by Bob Koller
    • Tips on Magnets by Arend V. Dubee
    • Routine I by Sylvan Barnet
    • Routine II by Hugh Shepley
  • Page 262: Chap's Corner by Frank M. Chapman
  • Page 262: Do You Remember When? by Harry Opel
  • Page 262: Northern California Comments by Robert J. Stull
  • Page 263: Dens of Deception: Ren and Billie Clark by Gail Northe
  • Page 263: Care of Magazines by C.R. Mawe
  • Page 264: Scattered Shots by Len O. Gunn
  • Page 264: Los Angeles Society of Magicians by David E. Swift
  • Page 264: Chicago Notes by George Troseth
  • Page 264: Notes From Miami Beach, Florida by Jim Sherman
  • Page 265: Paging the Ladies
    • The Ladies Do the Magic/Magicgals by Larsen Geraldine
    • Recipes of the Month : Tuna and Noodles by Neville Jean
  • Page 266: Chicago Chatter by Sherman Jim
  • Page Page 266: Connecticut Conjuring by Vynn Boyar
  • Page 266: Detroit News by Harold Sterling
  • Page 267: Magiminister Page
    • Interesting Reaction by Rev. Gordon W. Mattice
    • Jesus at the Center by Rev. J.J. Sessler
  • Page 268-269: Obituaries
  • Page 269: S.A.M. Convention News by Charles Rosskan
  • Page 269: James Sherman Magician by Edward Saint
  • Page 270: Magic of the East by Max Holden
  • Page 270: Billet from Buffalo by Bob Weill
  • Page 271: From Wisconsin by Walter the Magician
  • Page 271: Los Magicos Legerdemain by Rudy Miller
  • Page 272: Kanter's Komments by Mitchell Kanter
  • Page 272: St Louis Briefs by Paul Limerick
  • Page 273: Convention City News by Charles Smith
  • Page 273: Odd Magical Facts by Frank Fewins
  • Page 273: Pasadena Magicians Guild by Dr Raymond Beebe